We all have always wondered what components or elements we should be looking at before buying a washing machine. Worry not, we are here to help you. In this article, I will brief all the latest technologies used by Samsung in their washing machines and why you should buy a machine with that technology. I will also review the technologies used by Samsung. This article will help you buy your washing machine because I will inform you about the types of functions that come with the respective technology and then you can decide if that function is useful for you or not.

Every brand wants to provide a better service for its costumers and they constantly change their technologies. This article will be covering all the current technologies, from low tier to high tier. Samsung has the second-biggest individual market in washing machines. Samsung owns 19% of the market share in the washing machine market.


Latest Technologies Used

Eco bubble

Samsung has the trademark over this technology and you may find this only in its washing machine. Only the latest models have it and are available for middle-tier users. The machines that have this function can range from 20k to 30k. In this technology, the washing machine creates bubbles used to mix the detergent properly. This helps the washing machine to wash clothes at low temperatures too. And also helps in saving energy and gives a better washing experience to the user. The technology is useful for you if you are looking for a better cleaning experience at this price range in comparison to other washing machine brands. This feature is not found in other washing machine brands. Sideload and automatic washing machines have this technology equipped within them.

Bubble soak

This technology is related to the Eco bubble but plays a different role. While the Eco bubble technology in Samsung washing machines makes the bubble, this technology helps the bubbles soaked in the water. This helps in removing dark and deep stains. This helps the stains to loosen and remove easily. This is found in middle-tier and upper-tier washing machines that range from 20k to 60k rupees. This feature is quite useful if you have clothes with mud marks and grass stains regularly. This technology is also useful for people that get their clothes dirty while their job. Sideload and automatic washing machines have this pre-installed.

Digital invertor motor

This technology is very useful if you are looking for a washing machine that has a long life. Samsung gives you a warranty of 10 years and the machine has a life expectancy of 20 years. This machine has minimal energy use and makes very little noise. Automatic machines by Samsung have the digital inverter motor installed. This is a very useful function because it saves energy and gives a great cleaning experience. It takes very little energy and can also work on an invertor. It is very useful if you want to minimize your electricity usage. This is a modern generation function because everyone is looking to use as little electricity and water as possible.


A very new function used for checking your washing machines by your smartphone. This is only found in the Samsung washing machine and is quite handy if you know how to use a smartphone. This function helps you in checking your washing machine and saves you the trip from a mechanic. This helps you save your time, energy, and most importantly, your money. If you do find a problem from your smartphone, you can contact Samsung and they will send a technician to your place and help you out. Again, sideload and automatic washing machines have this diagonistic feature.


Eco drum clean

We all know that our washing machine drum gets dirty and has mud and saltwater residue. We all have to clean it in order to keep the washing machine running and wash our clothes properly. But you won’t have to do that with this feature. This latest technology is used by Samsung in all their side load machines. In this feature, the washing machine cleans it’s own drum and informs the user about it. This is very useful because it is an automated feature and saves a lot of time and electricity. Sideload and automatic washing machines have Eco drum technology.


Diamond drum

The diamond drum is a design only found in Samsung’s side load machines. This is an incredible feature because this keeps our clothes soft and is gentle on our clothes while washing. The drum of the machine has smooth, diamond-shaped ridges, especially gentle on your clothes. This feature also helps in keeping the fibers intact and not tapering the clothes. Sideload and automatic washing machines have the diamond drum design.


Ceramic heater

Heaters used in washing machines are to heat the water used to wash your clothes. These water heaters have calcium build upon them as you can see in the picture below. This calcium uses more power as it covers the water heater with a layer. The ceramic water heaters in Samsung washing machines prevents this from happening. You need special detergent in order to clean the build-up from normal heaters. Samsung’s front load washing machines, Sideload, and automatic washing machines have ceramic heater technology.



Steam technology is available in Samsung washing machines only. In this technology, the washing machine makes steam through a Steam cycle from the bottom of the drum. This saturates every piece of clothing and all dirt and steam kill all the bacteria in your clothes. This cleans all your clothes and cleans all hard to clean stains. Steam with bubble technology really cleans your clothes at a low range side load washing machine. Sideload and automatic washing machines have steam technology.

Easy iron

This technology saves you time because it washes your clothes in a way that it gets easier to iron the clothes. All you have to do is press the easy iron bottom and it shortens the spin-drying time and adjusts the setting accordingly. This stops clothes from wrinkling too which makes it easier to iron. Sideload and automatic washing machines have easy iron technology.

Stayclean drawer

This feature allows the user to mix the detergent outside the machine which makes it easier for the detergent to mix. This also makes sure that no detergent residue is left inside the washing machine. It also makes it easier for the user to see the quantity of detergent to use for the number of clothes. Only Sideload washing machines have a stayclean drawer.



This is one of the newest features used only in Samsung washing machines. This technology is only in high range washing machines that go from 60k to 1 lakh. If you have forgotten some clothes that need washing or you want to add some extra detergent or you have some hand-washed clothes that need to be rinsed, you can easily add clothes from a smaller door placed on the main door. Only Sideload washing machines have a AddWash feature.


Speed spray, Lint collector

Speed spray function is used to clean your clothes in 59 minutes. The function washes and dries the clothes in 59 minutes. The washing machine uses the seed spray function to spray water at the clothes very fast and clean them properly. It rinses the clothes faster by increasing the spin speed of the drier.

Lint collector is a great technology because it collects the lint that escapes the clothes. This is a great option because the lint sticks other clothes and that looks bad. The white lint normally sticks to black clothes which looks very bad. It is almost impossible to remove them. It is also called a magic filter. This also helps the drains not to get clogged.


This is a feature exclusively found in Samsung’s top-load automatic washing machine. It is kinda sink attached to the washing machine. It lets you wash your clothes better before putting them in the washing machine. If you have a stain that can only be removed by hand wash. It is an all in one solution for pre-washing your clothes before putting them in the washing machines. It provides some extra waves in the sink for a better washing experience. Automatic washing machines have an Actiwash+ feature.



Wobble technology uses pulsators to generate a dynamic, multi-directional washing flow that prevents your clothes from getting tangled. If you do not have this function, then clothes get badly tangled and have more wrinkles than they are supposed to. This function helps in all those problems. It creates a strong washing power to wash your clothes properly and without any hassle. The price range for the washing machines in which this is found starts from 40k. Samsung’s top-load automatic washing machines have wobble technology.

Stainless steel pulsators

This is a technology found in every Samsung washing machine. It has 6 blades and they create a wide and intense shower of water to remove dirt. It is found in top load washing machines and the technology can be found in the low tier washing machines too. If you have a low budget and cannot afford to buy a 60k washing machine, this technology is perfect for you. Go for the Samsung washing machine that has this because Samsung is giving a premium feature in its lower range washing machines. Semi-automatic washing machines have the feature as well.

Air turbo

This is one of the best functions that can be installed in any washing machine. Samsung gives these functions at a low cost. The dryer of the washing machine uses the power of air in order to dry the clothes. It is extremely useful because the clothes are practically dry out of the machine. Lightweight fabrics can even be ironed straight out of the washing machine. The increased air circulation provided by the Air Turbo vents not only dries your clothes but also dries the washer tub to discourage mildew growth between loads, which keeps your clothing and your health in top condition. The machine uses air vents and powers up the spin cycle speed in order to achieve this. Semi-automatic washing machines have the Air turbo function.


Double Storm

This is a dual jet system found in the low tier washing machine by Samsung. If you live alone or you have a low budget for your washing machine, you can definitely go for the washing machine with this technology. Washing machines with this technology have two jets in the drum to wash the water deeply. It has jets all around the washing machine. This technology is found in washing machines starting around 9k. Generally, Semi-automatic washing machines have a dual jet system.


The water falls down from the ducts from the top that works as a shower and mixes with the rotating current below. This waterfall mixes the detergent properly and washes your cloth with a better effect. This is a very useful feature for cuffs and collars. It also saves your detergent from detergent marks and saves detergent. Samsung’s semi-automatic washing machines have a waterfall feature. This is a very good feature if you are looking for a  good cleaning experience in a cheap washing machine. The picture below is how the waterfall technology works.


Scrubbing walls

Samsung’s Semi-automatic washing machines have scrubbing walls that surround the tub in which the clothes are washed. These scrubbing walls give a better washing experience and wash your clothes in a better way. These walls ensure cleaner clothes and give a hand wash effect. This is also a very great washing experience for washing cuffs and collars of shirts. Semi-automatic washing machines have scrubbing walls.


EZ Wash tray

This wash tray is found in semi-automatic washing machines. You can pre-wash your clothes with your hands before putting your clothes in. It lets you wash more clothes at a time. You can wash your clothes before putting them in the washing machine. This is found in Samsung washing machines only. The middle-tier semi-automatic washing machines have an EZ wash tray.

Samsung Washing Machine Review

I would personally recommend a Samsung washing machine no matter what your budget is. If you are looking for a high-end washing machine, you can go with side load washing machines that are very useful. I am personally using a Samsung’s side load washing machine. The Eco bubble and Eco drum clean functions are very useful. My previous washing machine was not a Samsung and it was very hard to use it. With my new machine, I get less electricity bill. The smart check option is highly useful because every once in a while I run a diagnostics and check whether the machine is working properly or not. If I find a problem, I send the report to Samsung and they send a person that can solve my problem.

If you want to go with a cheaper option, I can personally tell you that is also very good. The Samsung washing machines provide a very good washing experience and you would not have to care about the life of the washing machine. Samsung provides a life of at least 10 years and I can assure that the machine will not have any problem for at least 6 to 7 years. If you are a bachelor, you can go with smaller semi-automatic washing machines that start from 9k only. These washing machines also have great features and are very good.

Automatic and sideload washing machines have great features. You can easily clean your drum, the ceramic heater gives hot water with less energy, and the best feature is the diamond drum that cleans your clothes so nicely that you don’t have to look at them again.


This article consists of all the technology used by Samsung washing machines. We hope this article helps you in making your decision of buying a washing machine. Samsung also provides a customer helpline where you can contact if you have any doubt. But we are pretty sure you will not have any problem after reading this complete article. We have tried to make the article as an informant as possible so you as a reader can have a better reading experience. We also hope that the article helped you in choosing the right washing machine for yourself. Thank You.

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