If you want to live comfortably inside your house during the scorching summer, you might be inclined to purchase an AC. Whether it is your first purchase, or a replacement/addition of existing AC in your house, buying an AC can be overwhelming. There are so many brands with different technologies and variants. Additional technical parameters like type of AC, star-rating, cooling capacity, etc. add to the complexity.

This article covers detailed information about the various components of Godrej AC and its operation. Additionally, it explains the different types of AC being produced by Godrej and compares the pros and cons of these technologies.

Principle of Operation

Air conditioning (AC) removes heat and moisture from the inside of a room to improve the comfort of the people residing it. A conventional AC accomplishes cooling by using vapor-compression. In this process, the forced circulation of a refrigerant causes its phase to change from gas to liquid and transfer heat.

The heat transfer in an AC is primarily done using four components as described below:

1. Evaporator & Refrigerant:

An Evaporator is a heat exchanger which collects the heat from the inside of a room. The heat exchange takes place through the refrigerant gas in the coil of the evaporator. As the refrigerant molecules heat up, they evaporate to become gas and hence the name evaporator.

A refrigerant is a gas with a low melting point. Some of the most common refrigerant gases used in AC’s are R-410, R-290, R-134, etc. Premium AC’s from Godrej contain the most environment-friendly gas- R290 as a refrigerant.

2. Compressor

The compressor placed on the outer part of the AC remains exposed to the atmosphere. As the name suggests, it compresses the refrigerant to vaporize it.

3. Condenser

A condenser remains attached to the compressor and receives the vaporized refrigerant. It cools down the refrigerant molecules to convert it back to liquid. The heat generated in the process is expelled outside.

4. Expansion valve

The expansion valve is placed between the evaporator and condenser. It is also known as the throttling device and controls the flow of refrigerant to the evaporator.


All AC contains a thermostat that continuously monitors the temperature of the room. When the AC switched ON and set to a particular temperature, the thermostat provides a control signal. This indicates that there is a difference between the actual and desired temperature in the room.

The warm air then sucks into the AC unit where it passes through the pipes containing refrigerant fluid. As the refrigerant interacts with hot air, it evaporates and vaporizes. As a result, the heat transfers from the air to the refrigerant molecule. During this process, the moisture present in the air is also removed.

The vaporized refrigerant is then made to pass to the compressor located on the outer part of the AC unit. The compressor increases the temperature of the refrigerant gas molecule further by compressing it.

The high pressure, high-temperature gas passes to the condenser. The gas molecules are made to expand in the condenser unit. An AC uses metal fins to ascertain that the heat of the refrigerant gas dissipates into the surroundings. As a result, the refrigerant becomes a liquid again.

The refrigerant in liquid form passes through the expansion valve which controls the flow of the refrigerant into the evaporator. This entire cycle repeats again and again until the desired cooling temperature covers the room.

Technologies Used in Godrej AC

Buying an AC is a one-time investment and you must ensure that the product that you select is the latest product in the market with advanced features.

Different Modes

Godrej ACs come with several key pre-set modes for your comfort. For example, Turbo Mode provides instant cooling while Dry Mode takes out excess humidity from the room during the rainy season. Additionally, it also has an Auto Mode which automatically selects the best cooling parameters for your convenience.  The Sleep Mode is another convenient mode of the Godrej AC. In this mode, the AC uses a wider difference between the set temperature and the actual temperature of the room. As a result, the load on the compressor is decreased and it switches ON and OFF less frequently. This ensures a cool atmosphere for sleeping and saves energy at the same time.

Anti-Corrosive Coating On Condenser

Most high-end ACs contain a special anti-corrosive coating on the evaporator and the condenser to protect it from rust and corrosion.

Green Balance Technology

The Godrej AC uses the most environment-friendly refrigerant than any other AC and has the lowest global warming potential and zero ozone depletion potential. It was, therefore, no surprise when the Godrej won the prestigious Indian Design Mark- Good Design Award” in 2014 for Green Balance technology. The Green Balance ACs from Godrej use eco-friendly R290 refrigerant with minimum global warming potential. These highly advanced air conditioners are able to achieve efficiency which is much beyond the set standards by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

Copper Condenser Tubes

Select an AC that comes with 100% copper condenser and connecting pipe to increase the durability.

iSense & I-Trec Technology

I-Trec technology from Godrej provides electrical efficiency and fast cooling. Godrej claims that this technology is able to cool 50% faster and maintains the room at the desired temperature by consuming 50% less power. The top end of Godrej ACs use smart iSense technology for efficient localized cooling in a large room. It determines the precise location of the user with the help of two sensors: one at the remote and other on the main unit. Based on the user’s location, the AC provides customized cooling for maximum comfort.  

Although you pay a premium in the starting, I-Sense technology is reliable and saves power in the long run.


A typical AC operating daily for a few months without proper cleaning will show considerable difference in its cooling capacity. In day to day life, following periodic cleaning every month seems like a herculean task. Thankfully Godrej ACs have in-built Auto-Clean technology which cleans the AC itself. In this routine, when the AC is switched off, its fan operates for a second to blow out the dust particles from the indoor unit of the air conditioner. The self-cleaning function of an intelligent AC will prevent the growth of harmful micro-organisms by removing the moisture inside the room.

Silent Operation

The compressor of an AC is often shielded with a multi-layered jacket to block the nice. Apart from ensuring silent operation, it also protects the compressor from wear and tear. Godrej ACs are some of the most silent air conditioners available in the Indian market at present. The noise level of a typical Godrej AC is ~32 dB. Such a silent operation of their AC ensures minimal distractions which is definitely a plus point.

Advanced Silver-ion Filters

Almost every AC available in the market today have inbuilt air filters to remove particles like dust, hair, pollen, etc. However, some of the advanced ACs contain active carbon filter and anti-bacterial filters to capture bacteria and unpleasant odors. The Silver-ion filters from Godrej AC suck the unhealthy air to give a fresh breeze. In the AC equipped with silver ion filter, it releases silver ions to kill harmful bacteria present in the room. Additionally, the silver ions check the growth of other microbes by absorbing cell elements as well.

Twin Rotary Compressor

The prime segment ACs from Godrej use a Twin Rotary Compressor. It is basically a Varied Speed Dual Rotary motor with a wider rotational frequency. The use of specially designed twin array rotary compressor copper coils ensures faster cooling and increased efficiency while drastically reducing the noise levels at the same time.

Installation Convenience

 Godrej ACs are thoughtfully designed to provide the best customer convenience. The constraints of limited space or remote location account for right in the designing stage of the product. As a result, they have an option to install the outdoor unit up to 30 meters away from the indoor unit without compromising the performance. Even if your room does not has an outer wall, you will not run out of 100 feet long condenser tubes.

Stabilizer Free Operation

Sudden voltage fluctuations can cause a breakdown of several electrical appliances. All inverter technology based ACs from Godrej support stabilizer free operation within + 27% of line voltage fluctuations. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the life of your AC if you live in an area where occasional variations in the incoming voltages are observed.


Make sure that the warranty includes a compressor replacement. A reputable company like Godrej will give you at least 5 years compressor warranty. A few premium models from Godrej even offer a 10-year comprehensive warranty on compressor and 5-year warranty on the condenser. Godrej is probably the only AC manufacturer providing such a long warranty.

Energy Efficiency

While many buyers take the up-front cost of the AC into account, they often miss the cost of their monthly electricity bills. The higher the star rating more will be your monthly savings. Some of the premium AC models from Godrej offer 6-Star performance for maximum efficiency. With so many advanced energy-efficient features, a Godrej AC will certainly give you an edge over similarly rated models from other brands.

Review of Godrej AC

After discussing in detail the technology and features of Godrej AC, now we have come to the most important part of the article. Godrej has been one of the most consistent AC brands in India offering quality products and affordable prices. Presently, the company offers around 68 variants of AC across different types, cooling capacities, and star ratings. As a company, Godrej commits to provide the latest technology and energy efficiency. It is, therefore, no surprise that more than 90% of these AC’s are rated 3-star or higher.

Despite making high-performance products at competitive prices, Godrej has failed to change the perception of a typical AC buyer which reflects in the sales figures. It presently has a market share of around 4% which expectedly will grow annually at 15 -20%.

However, all this is going to change soon. The company boasts of being the only AC manufacturer to use R290 refrigerant- the most eco-friendly available in the market today. The energy-efficiency is quite impressive and the design is visually appealing. Hopefully, all these technological advancements and series of first-in-market features will generate a buzz in the market and enable Godrej to compete with the well-established companies like LG, Samsung, Hitachi, etc.

The Verdict

Godrej has emerged as a key player in the AC market in India by offering the best features in its price segment. Its inverter technology provides uniform and fast cooling while conserving energy. High-end technologies like inverter-based compressors, eco-friendly refrigerants, etc. ensure fast and uniform cooling without burning a hole in your pocket. Some of the unique features like Silver-ion filters and green balance technology will help it gain popularity among the new buyers.

Godrej has started working on its brand image by emphasizing on the quality products and user experience. Customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth publicity will improve the perception of the Godrej brand. If you want to buy an AC with the latest features with environment-friendly features at attractive prices, Godrej AC’s a safe bet.

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3 years ago

My son has purchased Godrej a/c from Kohinoor electronic, but it is not working from day one of installation. It has 6 days past

MD Sameer
MD Sameer
3 years ago
Reply to  Kishore

Facing the same problem from day one, if your problem solved please let me know.

Bhoopendra singh
Bhoopendra singh
3 years ago

h a.c requirment

MD Sameer
MD Sameer
3 years ago

I had purchased AC since day one it is not working given complaint but agent called and said you will won’t get warranty because you have installed it by your own my new AC from day one no warranty isn’t it.and then I said I’ll pay you for service please come and do adjust or repair it he said we won’t come to service for that. My old AC was very good used it for soo many years, now changed for new but faced Very very bad experience with godrej never suggest anyone for this type of products.

9 months ago

Product may be fine but maintenance service is very bad. Maintenance contractor does have qualified technicians.

I bought my Split AC from New Delhi Okhla show room, it has low cooling issue, every time they come charge for gas filling and after 15 to 20 days cooling ceased to zero. I ask them checking gas leak, they do leak test and say everything fine. Then what is the issue they are not able to fix. Really tied with their false promises and poor service.

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