VU TV in India 2020 – Review 2020

In India, we may have many brands for television like Sony, LG, Samsung, Onida…. so on. In spite of having these entire international brands, most of the Indians prefer VU Company for televisions. VU is one of the oldest brands which produce televisions in India. It is mainly known for its brand name and excellent service provided to its customers. Being the older company it gives a tough competition to all the international brands as most of the Indians are traditional and prefer desi products over foreign products. Most of the sales of this company go online. Indian consumers trust them because of their experience and services. Now let’s see what makes VU so special from all the foreign brands.

Key Technologies Used

4K Resolution

Everyone is aware of how popular the HD technology is and the advanced version of it is the 4K Resolution. This resolution gives you the best screening of all types of videos. The name itself indicates that it is 4 times better than the HD view available on all the other LED TV’s. VU has the best of this technology than any other television brand. This makes it a bit special comparing to the regular HD or LED TVs.

Quantum Pixelight

VU has launched quantum dot powered displays in its quantum pixel light series in order to give tough competition to all the ongoing brands in the market. In this display, the quantum dots are made of semiconductor materials which are nano-sized crystals that provide a large display of 65’ and 75’. These semiconductor materials have a special quality of absorbing the light and emitting capacity which results in excellent display quality and energy efficiency. The wide range color and contrast of the ongoing background picture are bought out by optical materials used for controlling the multiple zones backlight which in turn results in a clear and natural display.


HDR stands for the High Dynamic Range which deals with the contrast ratio and the colour accuracy. This technology makes the colours in the image brighter which means all the VIBGYOR colours are specifically spotted. This makes the display even more clear and beautiful. This is an interesting step from the VU Company after launching the 4K Resolution. This is the way how they hold their customers by satisfying their requirement.

Digital Sound System

VU Company uses dbx-TV for high-quality sound effects. This is a technology adapted from an American brand named Harman Kardon. It is a perfect pair for 4k Resolution. This technology helps in adjusting the sound effects according to our priorities based on the video running on the TV. It gives a tremendous feeling of digital sound which helps the user in enjoying the video. We can make all the equalizer adjustments based on our requirements. The dbx-TV includes Total Sonics, Total volume, Total surround, Total cal, and Legacy TV audio Broadcast.

  • The total Sonics includes several intelligent audio enhancement technologies that combine level-sensitive equalization, dynamic range control, and 3D sound expansion.
  • The total volume maintains the listening levels while switching between the channels.
  • Total surround delivers surround sound effects from the two speakers included from your TV set. Sound appears to come from all the sides of the room.
  • Total cal is an automated PC based tool for manufactures to setup customize and control over one hundred parameters required by Total Sonics, Total Volume, and Total surround.
  • This feature offers a range of digital solutions for broadcasting and reception of legacy TV audio signals. The multi-standard audio decoder supports all types of audio signals such as NTSC, BTSC, NICAM, A2, EIAJ … and many more.

This combination of digital sound along with the HDR 4K Resolution helps the user to get a great experience while watching the TV.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a special feature used by the VU company in the production of Televisions. This feature helps in dealing with the sound and display of the television automatically. If a person is sitting in a room watching TV, the echo released from TV does reach only the person sitting before it. It does not spread to the empty space in the room or around the person. If the number increases to 2 or 3 then the sound system automatically updates itself to reach those added people without adjusting it manually and even now it does not reach the empty space. Thus it goes on adjusting and updating itself depending on the number of people present in the room.

This is the special feature of this TV which senses the number of people around it and produces the required sound rather than emitting all the possible sound. In the same way, this technology deals with the display of your TV. It automatically adjusts its brightness depending upon the external brightness of the atmosphere. This means it automatically increases the brightness in the day time and reduces the brightness at night times. It helps in protecting your eyes from retinal diseases caused by facing improper brightness from your TV.

The VU VOD Upscalar

The VU VOD upscaler is a breakthrough technology that specifically enriches the audio/video playback for VOD content like Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video, and many more. Almost all the content of VOD is made using High-quality Cameras and VFX technologies. But the user may not experience the extra effort put forth by the VOD team because of slow streaming or poor display quality. VU has developed proprietary upscaling technology that combines multiple advanced machine learning algorithms working in parallel with a state of art digital signal processing. It enables the user to experience buffer-free and best video playback for VOD content.

VU smart OS

The VU company has introduced a new Smart TV operating system only for VU premium customers. In general, smart TV is always difficult to use for a normal individual. For VU premium users, the company has developed a separate operating system that reduces the efforts of the user and makes it easy for him/her to use. It can reset your favorite apps, video sources at your home page and make it easy for the user to reach his favorite destination.

Apart from these technologies, VU has extra external features which make a user addicted to the performance of the Television. These features play a crucial role in choosing VU over other foreign companies. Now let’s have a look at them

Key Features

  • Pure prism panel
  • Adaptive contrast along with digital MPEG noise reduction
  • Dolby audio
  • Pc and Game mode
  • Ultra smart remote service
  • Google android pie 9.0
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Premium mat black aesthetics
  • Ultra advanced technology
  • Assured Quality experience
  • Cinema and sports mode
  • Google assistant
  • Best customer support

Pure Prism Panel

VU uses high-intensity panels with perfect white balance which helps in having a great display of videos even in daylight. We need not adjust the brightness every time. It has a display that gives a clear view of ongoing videos irrespective of the external brightness of the atmosphere. This provides the viewer with a crystal clear display even on sunny weather.

Adaptive Contrast Along with Digital MPEG Noise Reduction

This MPEG noise reduction reduces the MPEG block noise and provides a clear image running in the background. We can see every picture detail with intense contrast which is possible by darkening the dark areas and lightening the light areas automatically. This can be done only by reducing the noise results in a clear view of the image.

Dolby Audio

Nowadays every audio enthusiast is fascinated by the Dolby audio. Hence VU has decided to launch the Dolby audio. This Dolby multi-stream decoder provides a TV with a single package solution for decoding all universal audio content worldwide. The Dolby Digital and Dolby plus are the supported Dolby audio formats in VU TV.

Pc And Gaming Mode

Now this will be an interesting feature, many people are fond of playing games on their mobile and PCs. VU TV allows them to play the same games on TV. The 4K resolution and digital sound system add a special flavor to your game. Now you can play games for a longer time without any screen disturbances as well as without effecting your eyes. The big screen with clear image processing will make your game even more special compared to your mobile or PC. This is the feature where people are attracted more.

Ultra Smart Remote Service

The TV remote consists of access to many ongoing platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Google play. It makes your work easier for reaching them instead of searching them one by one in your channel list. This also reduces your effort of adding them separately to your TV.

Google Android Pie 9.0

This feature gives you access to the entire Google family – Google play store, Google Play, movies, and many more with good storage capacity. Using this feature you can experience all the Google services. You can download a number of movies, games, and many more which help you in having a complete entertainment package.

Bluetooth Connectivity

With an in-built chrome cast, you can easily cast movies, videos, photos from your android, ios, Mac, and Windows devices. The in-built Bluetooth 5.0 version helps you in connecting your tv to external devices like speakers, headphones, soundbar, gaming joystick, and all types of Bluetooth devices.

Premium Mat Black Aesthetics

The VU Company uses ABS+GF materials for steady quality. Plastic mat black bezel with glossy black decorative strips adds some pulsating luminosity which brings a beautiful external look for your TV. Mat black embodies classical elegance and a fascinating lifestyle. This beautiful look of your TV brings more beauty to your living room when placed in it.

Ultra Advanced Technology

VU TV contains a streaming algorithm that calculates your internet’s bandwidth. Hence it can deliver your movies, shows, and other VOD content in upscale HD quality without any lags or delays. You can also stay updated with the OTA( Over the Air) updates as data and other update packages for your TV’s software or hardware drives comes along with your TV.

Assured Quality Experience

The ABS+GF materials prove the intention of the TV cabinet for steady quality. The pure prism panel provides you the best component for the extra life of the panel. The high wattage box speakers deliver extra loud and clear sound. The extra bass facility and Dolby sound provide you the best sound experience. By choosing the best class processor, memory, and storage, the VU Company delivers the best user-friendly interface with the latest version of OS and reaches the maximum customer requirements.

Cinema And Sports Mode

You can adjust your picture setting for different modes such as movie mode, sports mode, etc. In movie mode, you can experience the view of theatre and equally the sound effects whereas in sports mode you can experience the natural view of watching sports as you are watching it live at the stadium but with better sound. This feature allows you to experience different moods with different modes.

ActiVoice for Google assistant

The VU Company has introduced its own assistance name ActiVoice for the TV’s they produce. You can have voice control over your TV same like Google assistance. You can control your TV by giving voice instructions. This is a step from the company to attract people who prefer voice command over text/buttons. Voice is taking over text and Vu has shown that it’s in the game.

4way cast and Anycast

4way cast is a connectivity feature helping the users using Android, iPhone, Macbook & Windows to connect with the Vu TV for rich user experience. Anyway cast uses the same feature to share content directly from smartphones to Vu TV. Both 4ways cast and Anycast has the same functions but different names. The reason being companies make terms to sound fancy when they are marketing their products.

Rapid Customer Care

VU is recognized for having the best customer care services. Being the oldest company it has the best experience of dealing with the customers of all formats. Producing goods with excellent features is a normal thing but reaching out to the customers to know whether they have reached their expectations or not, makes this company so special among their customers.

Personal Review

Comparing with the other companies VU has some excellent features which make an individual addicted to its service. The VU has installed all the ongoing latest technologies and applications in users’ points of view. The VU TV has a noticeable display with 4K Resolution which helps in producing a bright and clear display for the viewer. The sound system of the VU TV is one of the main features that add beauty to the Television.

The manufacturing team has succeeded in installing the latest sound technology to provides digital sound for the user with adjustable sound effects. The equalizer settings allow you in adjusting the echo frequencies according to the user requirement. The most noticeable is the latest AI technology which controls the television in terms of sound as well as display. The premium membership provided by the VU Company has a special feature of a separate operating system. It enables an individual to experience the best functioning of a television.

The external features mentioned above increases the beauty of using television. The outlook of the TV gives more beauty to the surroundings wherever it is placed. And finally, the customer care crew were very friendly with their customers. This is one of the best customer care services I have experienced so far. I personally suggest you prefer VU TV if you are about to buy one.


VU is one of the oldest companies. Considering their experience and service from the past years most of the Indians prefer this company in terms of Television. This company also attained a huge margin even after introducing its products in E-commerce sites. The customers didn’t lose their faith in the company and started buying their products online frequently. Thus the company has attained higher standards in INDIA and started exporting products to foreign companies. This helped the company a lot in developing their international trade with other companies which in turn increases their value in the share market.

If you are in a situation searching for a good brand for purchasing a Television for your home then VU company is providing all the facilities to reach every requirement of the customer.

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1 month ago

I purchased a VU 55″ tv and it conked off within 11 months of use. The mother board for replaced after a month of complain and follow up free of cost since it was under warranty.

1 month ago
Reply to  Ummehani

One of the worst customer services ever experienced. This is the 4th week since I had registered the complaint for VU 55 inch TV.Techinich chcked..Informed the mother board conked off since it was out of warranty they quoted 31000/- or exchange offer for a new one 43000/-.Made NEFT payment for new one under exchange, got confirmation of payment recipt only after 4 days still no sign or info of the new TV..If top management happens to read this please take note of deficiency in your product after sales service ( 8th oct 2020)

1 month ago

I fully agree with the detailed description of all the qualities and performance parameters of the VU TVs.No doubt they ARE THE BEST !! I, myself have 2 VU TVs, and their performance has been flawless and very satisfying in every way. BUT, THE PROBLEM WITH VU TVs IS, SIMPLY, THAT THEY ARE JUST NOT AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET !! I have built a new house, and, for the last 2 months, I have explored all the Local and also India-wide Dealers and TV Shops, for 2 Nos of 65″ and 2 Nos of 56″ VU TVs for my new… Read more »

1 month ago

Helo sir plz contact me at below I will provide with reasonable price
[email protected]

Last edited 1 month ago by Sharankumar
robin singh
robin singh
1 month ago

I purchased 55 inch smart vu tv and it stopped working in just 3 months.. And now its going to be 2 long months and my part has still not been changed.. Customer service is dead and pathetic and everytime i call them, they say wait for another 10 Days… Irked and ire Im with this customer service…dont know what to do!

Last edited 1 month ago by robin singh
1 month ago

Forest TV

25 days ago

VU has one of the worse after sales service, specially there installation team. After I bought this tv from offline store, it took almost 4 days for there installation team to come for installation and that to after continues follow up. The installation person who came was so rude and was in so hurry to do the job that he didn’t even bother to give proper demo. I would say they have hired local cheap guys for this job who have no manners and are not keen to do the job well. My person suggestion avoid VU products, spend little… Read more »