Summer or winter, to devour your favorite ice-cream, or to make a fresh bowl of salad seasons never matters. But the freshness of your food items does matters a lot. May it is your green veggies or your cooked food, refrigerators have taken up that forever corner of every kitchen. From the single door, refrigerators to double door freezers, invariance of styles, and never-ending storage spaces. Refrigerators have come a long way evolving every single day. Today in the market users have awhile ocean to search for their personal best.

Lucky Goldstar or better known as LG is one of the leading brands that provide quality refrigerators since 1958. LG with its latest freezer technologies and dual door fridges leaves you the best option available. With the latest technologies, LG refrigerators offer farm-fresh products, assuring prolonged freshness of your favorite foods. The latest addition to their refrigerator collection is LG’s side by side.

Latest Technologies

LG’s Dual fridge

LG’s advanced convertible refrigerator technology comes with a user-friendly feature where you can convert your freezer into a normal refrigerator. Save up your space for a family dinner day or a friend’s party, as you might need to store up all those extra veggies and meats inside your fridge. Here, LG’s refrigerator comes to your rescue. With less than 68 minutes of conversion LG dual fridge has the fastest technology and it takes just a touch to expand the refrigerator space.

Instaview door-in-door

Have an easy peek into your fridge just to check-in if you have enough pack of milk or fruits. This is by LG’s new interview door-in-door technology. It easily illuminates the mirrored glass panel with just 2 simple knocks on it. By helping the user easy access inside the refrigerator, avoid these unnecessary door openings. In this way, the food inside the fridge stays fresh and odor-free for a longer period. The instaview door in door technology provides enough light on the door with an instant knock on the glass. Now you will never miss out on your favorite chocolate hiding behind!

Inverter Linear Compressor

Get a uniform cooling experience anytime for your food products with LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor technology. This allows for effective power consumption. With an efficient cooling experience, it also provides less vibration and a fairly noise-free environment. It works with a piston drive instead of a reciprocal drive. Piston adjusts the cooling power depending upon the amount of food that your refrigerator store. Often high cooling refrigerators consume high volts of power leading to those extended bills. LG’s Inverter linear compressor along with saving the freshness of your food saves up your money too.

Multi Airflow

LG’s new multi airflow technology ensures efficient cooling experience all through the refrigerator. It gives the user farm fresh items, keeping your fruits and veggies fresh as a breeze. Multi airflow technology provides equal distribution of cool air and each item gets its benefits. It has many vents that are spread throughout the refrigerator providing fresh not missing out a single item.

Smarts Inverter Compressor

LG’s advanced single door refrigerators come with a new smart inverter compressor. It provides the finest cooling experience with energy consumption. It has an energy-efficient R600a compressor. Ice making is now fast and easy giving no extra load on the compressor. Smart inverter compressor technology along with saving energy works in a super silent mode too.

Smart diagnosis

Now troubleshooting your issues is just a call away. With LG’s advanced smart diagnosis technology customer service helplines are at your kitchen steps. The user just has to call the helpline number and place the phone near the smart diagnosis button of the refrigerator. The computer communicates the issues and detects the error within seconds without any human intervention. Along with the errors, the method to resolve the issue is also available.

Auto open door

For all those lazy bunches out there, now no need to put that extra effort on pulling the doors of your refrigerator to open it. LG’s stylish auto-open door technology has designed a smart sensor detector, which could detect your foot and gently open the door automatically. There exists a “door open” light projection at the foot, the user just has to step on it and there’s your door opening up for you. This also helps in reducing the door’s friction and damage caused due to any hard pulling.  

Dual door-in-door

Now forget the tension of keeping the stacks of your favorite drinks, bottles, chocolates and all those tiny products amidst all other items in your refrigerator. LG’s dual door on the door comes up with large storage space on both the door, specially designed for all fabulous home chefs while cooking their favorite desserts. No need to worry about the freshness of the items now, because of the continuous cold air loss.  Now enjoy the prolonged freshness.

Door cooling+

Your food remains fresher for a longer period now with LG’s door cooling technology. With 35% faster cooling it makes the inside temperature even by reducing the gap between the inner part and the door inside. Now say goodbye to foul smells and stale food, LG’s door cooling technology helps the user to avoid those stinky odors from your refrigerator. It’s all-time cooling effect and even distribution gives each food item the care it needs, leaving them fresh as a breeze to be devoured.

Moist n Fresh

Maintain the moisture of your stored food to keep it crisp and fresh. Designed with a special latticed type crisper, to regulate the moisture at an optimum level, LG’s advanced Moist n fresh technology brushes out your nightmares of stale food inside the refrigerator. The stored food has moisture which is evaporated and later condensed on the lattice to regulate the moisture balance. Moisture control means no stale food and fresh food means a healthy life.

Fresh shield cooling

LG’s innovative technology of fresh shield cooling locks the freshness of your food gifting your farm-fresh products. By forming a thermal barrier using the cold air, it regulates and manages the temperature inside your refrigerator. Now save your dinner for a hustling morning, crisp as freshly baked with fresh shield cooling technology.

Hygiene Fresh +

LG’s premium refrigerators now come with an ultimate air purification technology fighting germs and blocking foul smells. The specially designed intelligent air filter assures 99.999% bacterial free refrigerator along with keeping the essence of your foods natural odor. It’s a perfect combo of fresh and healthy storage of food items. Hygiene fresh+ for a cleaner and healthy foodstyle. This technology comes with a 5 layered filter feature,

Filtering dust and fungi

Absorbing acidic and foul odors

Absorbing the alkaline odor

Flushing out bacteria and odor

Filtering the existing impurities with UV light and photocatalyst mechanism.

Lumishelf technology

Now get a perfectly clear view inside your refrigerator even when it is junked with your food items, using LG’s stylish lumishelf technology. Under each shelf, there is a bright LED lightning fitted in so that you never miss out on your list of stored food. The benefit of lumishelf technology is that it allows you to view things lucidly even when your fridge is stored up with food inside, which is fascinating.

Health-Guard technology

LG’s new range of side by side refrigerators now comes with the advanced health guard technology to protect your food from germs, bacteria, and unnecessary stinks. The specially designed air purification system is designed for four major filters, dust, fungi, bacteria and spores and odor. It keeps food hygienic and organic in the best way by inhaling the odor and bacteria and exhaling fresh and cool air. Your refrigerator now remains clean and sterilized with LG’s new health guard technology. As the name suggests it guards both your foods and simultaneously your health.

Multi digital sensors

Your refrigerators now know your food items more than you. LG’s provides a multi-digital sensor technology which automatically sensors the optimal temperature the food needs and regulates it accordingly. Not just a single option but comes with a whole bunch of sensor options for individual features including, Room temperature sensor providing optimum interior temperature, convertible room sensor, ice-making sensor, freezer sensor, defrosting sensor, defrosting your fridge automatically, miracle zone sensor and water temperature sensor. Now manage the temperature of your refrigerator with a single touch and maintain the quality of your stored food for a prolonged period.

Custom chill pantry

Now store your raw meat or green veggies separately from the other products inside the spacious pantry with LG’s custom chill pantry. Along with enormous storage space, this deep and versatile pantry is now available with customized temperature settings for your food items. You are all set to plan up a party now because your fridge has space for a whole market in it.

Fresh balancer technology

It is extremely important to keep the humidity balance of fruits and vegetables optimized and controlled inside the refrigerator. If the balance is interrupted, it leads to stinking smell and stale food. Fruits like apple slices tars developing a brown color change in them, leaving them unhealthy to eat. LG’s new fresh balancer technology seals up the vegetable box and optimizes the humidity level, keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh and healthy for a longer period of time.

Smart ThinQ technology

With LG’s digital smart thinQ technology, get access to the optimize and control your refrigerator even when you are not in your home. This smart technology helps the user to get access to their refrigerator through their smartphones. With a single touch away control the temperature, express freeze and also diagnose any errors of your refrigerator. This smart refrigerator technology comes with an eclipse display and Wi-Fi setting which allows you to connect it to your smartphones.

Express freeze

LG’s express freeze is a technology that can be controlled with the smart thinQ on your smartphones. It is used to turn down the temperature inside the feature in a quick pace. The compressor and the fan runs at maximum speed to maintain the optimal cold temperature and turns off automatically once the function is complete.

Auto smart connect

Now longer power cuts can no longer affect your stored food. With LG’s premium auto smart connect technology it is easy to connect your refrigerator with your home inverter. By consuming a very less power which is less than 2 CFL, auto smart connect, once connected, enables the refrigerator to run with the help of home inverters during a power cut. Without any human intervention, the technology allows the refrigerator to automatically work with the inverter. With smart connect your food gets continuous cooling effect keeping it fresh and healthy.

Stabilizer free operation

LG’s advanced refrigerator models now come with stabilizer free technology. Stop wasting your time and money in buying a stabilizer for your fridge now. within a voltage range of 90V to 310V, LG’s new refrigerators work efficiently and safely without the need for a stabilizer.

Fresh 0 zone

Thawing up your frozen food right before cooking has always been extra work during busy schedules. LG is here with its new fresh 0 zone technology to save up your time and deliver fresh food. Store your food in a fresh 0 zone and enjoy frozen free fresh cooking.

Fastest ice making

Avoid waiting to gulp your cold drink or iced tea or a bottle of ice water with LG’s direct cool refrigerators fastest ice making technology. In just a single touch manage the temperature and cooling of your freezer and get blazing fresh ice with less than 108 minutes.

Smart space management

Arrange and order your food in the way you want with LG’s smart space management. Now forget the hassle of keeping your bottles amidst the spices or chocolates amidst your veggies. The smart space management technology grants you a vast and detailed storage areas for categories of food. It also comes with an airtight spice boxes, where you can store your spices and nuts in moisture-free conditions. It helps the user to preserve their favorite spices or nuts with their natural essence and smell. Each section is divided accordingly with accurate temperature balance needed for a specific food.

Full wine rack

Specially designed for all the wine lovers out there. No need to store your wine bottles amidst other containers. LG’s new refrigerators come with a complete wine rack to store up to 4 bottles. Along with a custom storage space, it also provides optimum cooling of around 4degree Celsius for your favorite wines.

Auto open drawer

For an easier and faster reach, LG has designed an innovative auto-open drawer technology where it pulls out all the drawers automatically for the user. Along with easier access, this technology also reduces the damages caused during continuous push and pulling of drawers.

General Review

With an ocean of features and fascinating technologies, LG remains one of the best options when opting for a refrigerator. Starting from the first normal refrigerator to the side by side refrigerator and now dual door-in-door technologies LG refrigerators have all your basic and advanced needs in hands. Whether it is about a spacious storage space or automatic temperature control, easy accessibility or effective troubleshooting LG has everything for you. The prices range from moderate to expensive depending upon the technologies, yet worth money when you have all hand in hand. With its smart inverter compressor technologies, LG refrigerators have greatly contributed to the larger economy of saving energy and power.

From single door fridges for a small nuclear family to double door dual fridges for a joint family LG’s products ranges in variant shapes, size and units. Along with accessible features, LG never keeps a step back when it comes to its designs and models. All refrigerators come with the most stylish and coolest designs for a minimalistic household to Victorian grandeur. The latest platinum silver top freezer stands out of the box for both its stylish cutting edges and quality of the product for healthy cooling of food. Nothing is picture-perfect. The brand does have its own minor defaults while analyzing it deeply. But it assures the quality of the product and a fresh and healthy cooling experience for your food.


Now without even an ounce of doubt choose your customized refrigerator from LG’s stylish designs. The market space is all loud and chaotic filled with varieties of options for refrigerators now. Avoid being bait for any traps and equip yourself with the latest technologies and features suitable for you.  So never hesitate to choose the best, because you always deserve the finest

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