Samsung has rigidly marked its position in the electronic world.  As far as the state of the current TV market is concerned, Samsung is determined to serve its customers with an exclusive range of smart TVs with a bigger screen. Samsung is one of the leading brands when it comes to luxuries; it provides the user with a better experience with the quality due to its precision to detail.

Samsung comes up with all the advanced and smart features with its QLED TV, such as artificial intelligence, connectivity, and other smart apps. Hence, we can conclude that Samsung is one of the largest television brands in India.

Technologies used in Samsung TV

UHD processor

This technology used by Samsung in its TV makes sure to provide the user with an ultra high-dynamic resolution while optimizing high contrast ratio and using a single chip. It consists of 4x pixels as compared to the FHD TV, which enhances the quality of the visuals, providing you access to small details on your screen.

As for colour contrast, the technology is equipped with dimming, which ensures optimization of contrast and sharpness level to provide you with a premium viewing experience. This feature delivers a more proficient performance in dark and bright scenes. Further allowing you to enjoy your favourite shows and movies with better clarity and colour precisions. UHD technology is most appropriate for bedrooms.

The key features used by this technology are as under –

Slim design

The UHD technology provides a sleek and glaring complexion to the body of the TV. It is designed to add beauty to your room with its state-of-the-art built. Samsung has genuinely taken care of the customers’ needs by modernizing the look of the TV by keeping it simple on the same hand.

Convenient control system

Samsung is all set to cater to the users’ needs, as it provides only one remote control with its UHD TV. Along with the one remote control system, the technology also gets smart with the smart hub, which takes the responsibility of serving you as per your needs at your fingertips. The technology provides free access to live TV, games, apps, etc.

Uninterrupted connections with high resolution

Samsung guards you a connected lifestyle by connecting the television with your mobile and smart speakers. UHD Technology allows you to connect your Alexa-enabled devices so that you can effortlessly switch from one screen to the other. In other words, it makes operating with the television even easier for you. 

The perks not only end here, but Samsung’s UHD technology also shelters Google Assistant so that you can operate with your television seamlessly with just your voice. Samsung also shows concern for the Apple lovers, as it provides an Airplay 2 built-in so that you can share and stream to your big screen by just connecting it to your Apple devices.

Vibrant crystal colour

UHD Technology delivers a billion shades of colors, providing you a realistic and authentic experience on your big screen.

Improved picture quality

The UHD technology is packed with a Quad-Core processor, which is equipped with a single chip to optimize high contrast ratio and excellent high dynamic resolution.

SUHD technology

SUHD technology is a blend of advanced features and refined tech. The design of the TV is cutting-edge and withstands the modernizing needs of the cosmopolitan. There are two sub-categories under the SUHD range, that is, the HDR 1000 and the quantum dot display. The color quality and the optimization of contrast are absolutely sharp and provide you more vibrant visuals with more shades.

HDR Technology delivers a better depth in the picturization of images, thereby delivering a superior image quality. However, HD 1000 is far different from the standard HDR, as HDR 1000 offers thousands of sharpness.

The key highlights of the technology are mentioned below –

High image optimization

SUHD technology by Samsung is all set to surpass your expectations with all the variety of resources you connect your TV. Whether it is online streaming, audio/video playback, Tata Sky HD, Samsung’s SUHD Technology has aced at everything. The picture quality that is delivered on the screen is absolutely cutting-edge, and the curved panel makes sure to add beauty to your overall viewing experience. It has a 4K HD resolution that enables high-definition resolutions four times more than the actual pixel resolution.

3D resolution

This technology has tested and approved superiorly in the test scenarios and has exceeded the quality as compared to the other leading television brands such as LG.

Body and design

The SUHD technology has precisely worked on the design of the TV, offering you better viewing angles. The curved panel safeguards the elegance of the TV. Samsung offers you a cutting-edge bezel-less screen, which is absolutely sleek and enticing. Also, the brushed metal polish at the back of the TV provides it an exceptionally exclusive finish, provided with the backlit logo, which glows to enhance your experience.

One remote control

Samsung allows controlling multiple devices with just one remote control, lowering down your cost of attaching any external connectors in order to control the TV. This single remote has the potential to operate game consoles, DVDs, and set-top boxes all at once. The remote gives you full access to a power button, selection buttons, volume, menu, quick channel change, and a navigation pad. Moreover, it is also equipped with a voice button feature so that you can effortlessly operate the TV without any hitch.

Single connectivity

Samsung has improved the placement of the television with new SUHD Technology, providing you with a longer cable to place your connect box in comfort. If you want to wall-mount your TV, you can do so without any hassle. This technology serves you with fewer ports to ease your access.


QLED TV is the owner of panel technology by Samsung. The metallic quantum dot filter is trusted to enhance the visuals and color contrast. While intensifying the HDR quality and providing better visuals than the other non-quantum LCD/LEDs. QLED stands for Quantum dot Light Emitting Diode. It is a backlighting technology by Samsung which upholds detailing in the most impeccable manner. The processor used by the technology is quantum 4K, which delivers better performance while optimizing real-time viewing conditions.

The ultra viewing angle allows you to witness vibrant colors from each and every view, even from the side. The QLED technology is most suitable for HDR, provides a better vision to your room.

Impressive HDR, Ultra viewing from every angle

The QLED technology provides you a real-time experience with its consequential HDR quality, accommodating a wide range of brightness to deliver every scene with detailing. The color contrast is deep and sharp, with absolutely natural and vivid sharpness.

Samsung takes away all your vigor of sitting in front of the TV in order to have a flawless viewing experience. The Ultra viewing angle spreads light evenly to provide a remarkable viewing experience from each and every corner. So, you do not have to set yourself exactly in front of the TV to get the best experience with it; the QLED technology provides the best viewing experience at every angle.

Seamless gaming

QLED promises to give you the experience of a real-time and lag-free gaming with its FreeSync (VRR) feature. The dynamic black equalizer works efficiently to provide you better visibility even in the dark. It offers you full access to the scenes with precision and high image Optimisation. To add more, the sound quality provided by the technology is also fitting. If you are a gaming freak, then you should definitely opt for the QLED TVs which ensures you to witness certain epic wins.

Intelligent mode

Led TV should be smart enough to adapt to the changes in the conditions of your room. However, many brands fail to feature this mode relevantly, but the QLED technology by Samsung self adjusts the brightness and volume of the TV without making you put in any effort. This technology is intelligent enough to alter the clarity of dialogue and background music accordingly, mechanically.

Convenient connectivity

When it comes to advancing, Samsung is one of the leading brands to provide smarter features. The QLED technology comes with a smart hub and operation with a single remote control. You can get access to your set-top box, apps, live TV, and game console at your fingertips without any hitch. The single remote control is competent enough to provide you access to all your requirements.

Other smart features

Samsung takes advancing with its features critically, the Bixby technology allows you to interact with your smart TV. Bixby is set to assist your control with the TV with just your voice. Also, it has Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in for your convenience. You can now change channels, control volume, and navigate anywhere by just instructing with your voice. As for Apple users, the QLED technology allows you to connect your Apple devices. To share or stream your preferred content and enjoy them with full detail lying on the big screen.


The Frame is a combination of QLED and art. The TV provides you enticing visuals when it is on and stunning creativity when it is off. It has high-resolution picture optimization, just like a QLED. The Frame is all set to enhance the beauty of your room with its unusual and fascinating art. Get ready to gather appreciations from your guests by installing the Frame in your place. It curates incredible styles with its art mode for you to personalize your art collection.

While the QLED technology ensures cutting-edge picture optimization, the Frame guarantees 100% color volume to deliver a realistic color contrast. The Frame allows you to get access to more than a thousand pieces of art from the world.

The brightness sensor detects the circulating light and balances the screen’s brightness ultimately. It also includes other smart features, likewise a QLED, such as Bixby, Google Assistant, and Airplay 2. This technology is best for furnishing and designing feature to your room.

Smart TV

The new smart technology by Samsung is powered by the efficiency of converting your TV into a personal computer. So that you can conveniently work from your laptop to the big screen and remotely carry out your official tasks. It comprises three colour tones to provide you with better beats and clarity with the sound whenever you turn on the music mode. Moreover, you can save your important documents and files securely on your Samsung TV in the home cloud. This all in one package is definitely worth of earning a place in your room.

Wide colour gamut

Wide colour gamut is often miscomprehended to be the same as HDR, but they are not technically linked together. HDR provides a dynamic increase in the range of the picture, while wide colour gamut provides a direct increase in the colour contrast. However, both the HDR and wide colour gamut provide an impact on the screen in terms of resolution but are entirely different. This technology increases the depth of the clarity of image resolution. It gives a realistic optimization with pictures, even more than the 4K resolution.


OLED means organic light-emitting diode. Majorly, it displaces organic compounds that light up in the presence of electricity and shut down immediately in the absence of power. Hence, we can conclude that OLED screens use pixels as backlight. There are millions of pixels light up independently and fill up the screen with vivid colours. OLED offers fantastic colour contrast, delivering actual colours and brighter resolution.


MicroLED technology is basically designed, keeping in mind the luxurious requirements of the masses. Samsung is proudly the very first company to introduce microLED to the market. This technology lights up the screen and offers resolution with detailing. It is capable of delivering higher brightness than the other technologies. It provides the user with an ultra viewing angle, which ensures uniformity of visuals at each and every corner of the room.


Samsung is probably the first brand to introduce the QLED 8k technology to India. This technology is powered by an amazing 33 million pixels to provide you a better viewing experience and a realistic approach to your visuals. The image resolution is 16 times more than the resolution HD. It is packed with 8k AI Upscaling, which elevates the resolutions into 8k via machine learning. It offers you impeccable textures and authentic edges. The quantum HDR makes sure to optimize your screen with a better resolution, providing you the most profound contrast with the colors. This technology is packed with two distinct layers of viewing angles. These viewing angles are responsible for spreading the light of the TV screen uniformly to your room.

HD Flat TV

The HD flat TV buys Samsung promises you to provide brighter and vibrant colours along with full attention to details. The clean view feature of the TV automatically adjusts the sound quality and reduces the amount of interference and noise. Samsung offers you a wholly polished and unobstructed view with better image resolutions with its wide colour enhancer. The HD resolution delivers vibrant and crisp details to every screen. You can watch your favourite TV shows, play music, or view photos on the bigger screen by just connecting your device with a USB connection.


FHD is the acronym for Full High Definition. The key highlight of this technology is its ultra-precision to the sound quality, which provides an excellent experience for entertainment and gaming. You do not need to connect any external speakers with your TV, as the inbuilt sound quality of the TV is self proficient. The technology is packed with eminent smart features, such as Google Assistant and Bixby. The Other prominent feature of this technology is that you can connect your smart TV with your personal computer without any hassle. You can conveniently and remotely work on your laptop and get viewed on the big screen. Moreover, the home cloud feature allows you to save all your essential files on your Smart TV.

8K AI Upscaling

Samsung has unveiled the 8K AI Upscaling, which allows the viewers to witness high-quality resolution while watching their favorite shows or movies. The picture quality delivered by the 8k AI upscaling is absolutely detailed and authentic. As it features a wide range of elements with precise detailing, whether it is regarding color contrast or light for image resolution. The image quality is absolutely realistic. This technology mechanically adjusts the image depth due to its advanced resolution process engine. It provides a denser contrast, which ensures detailing more than the original source resolution.

Samsung TV Review

Samsung is one of the most dynamic brands when it comes to television. As they offer exceptional picture quality, they surely deserve a place in your house. Samsung is proliferating with the changing needs and preferences of the customers.

If you want to invest your money in 4K LED TV that offers enticing picture quality, then you must opt for the new Q90/Q90R QLED. It provides precision for contrast with depth in clarity. Powered by HDR and wide colour gamut, which deliver saturated colours with an immense difference. It also comprises the Ultra viewing angle, which does not ask you to sit in front of the TV in order to gain the most excellent viewing experience; instead, you can enjoy your favourite visuals on the big screen by sitting anywhere inside your room.

If you are a gaming freak, then it is smarter for you to invest in the Samsung Q70/Q70R. It is an ideal TV for gaming, as it delivers amazing picture quality with deep blacks in the dark. The colors are vivid, and the image resolution is highly dynamic.

Moreover, if you desire a Samsung product but are low on your budget, RU7100 can totally be your savior. It provides a seamless and lag-free performance with an immediate response. This television is absolutely ideal for gamers as well as movie lovers, available at a completely affordable price.


Samsung is considered as the 17th best brand worldwide presently. Due to its high-end innovation, Samsung has marked a significant ranking among all the other brands. The primary justification for Samsung’s reputation is the technologies that it packs its TVs with. Samsung offers a variety of TVs as far as the user’s budget and requirements are concerned. Whether it is for gaming, visuals, navigation, or smart connect, Samsung is all set to ace all the aspects of TV.

In recent years, Samsung has marked its top position worldwide in the television market for the 12th time in a row. Samsung has received a progressive response after its Global launch of QLED TV in the year 2018 and is all set to continue its growth in innovation as well as sales, by adding prominent and exceptional features that aid high-resolution optimization for a large TV screen. This additional feature not only enhances the quality of the visuals but also delivers an exceptional experience to the viewers.

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