LG being a global company tends to assure its tagline “Life’s Good with LG” with its awesomely innovative yet affordable product ranges. Whether it belongs to Tv/Audio/Video, Air Conditioners, smartphones, or Other Home Appliances such as Washing Machines. They have always kept there promise to enhance your life with products that have great benefits and comes with value, promise, and personality.

The Indian market is a trust centric consumer population. It has always paid attention to the promising brands that have served well throughout the years. LG is one of them and has always proved to be in the priorities. Further in this article, there will be a depiction in LG’s Washing Machine and What Technologies are used by the Brand that is Worth Your Money.

  1. Budget- Budget is the key to decide the right type of washing machine. So, if you have a budget range of 10-15k, you must go with a manual or top load washing machine. But if you have a budget greater than 15-25k, you should go for a bottom load washing machine because it has better cleaning with less energy and detergent consumption as compared to others.
  2. Requirement- After a logical consideration of budget one should check out his/her requirements. Example – the number of clothes to be washed(KG capacity), features of usage, durability, etc.

Technologies That Empower The Washing Machine

Inverter DirectDrive Technology


As compared to the conventional motor used in the LG previous generation, Bottom Load washing machines which have a pulley system between the drum and the motor attached with a belt to provide horizontal circulatory motion.

The main drawback of this tech was that this could it could only rotate in one direction. It is limited to the washing potential of the drum and the belt loosens as time goes by. But in LG’s Inverter Direct Drive Technology the belt is removed and the motor gets a bi-directional movement. This allows the drum to rotate in various patterns that lead to improved washing capabilities of the machine. This technology enhances the durability of the machine and improves energy efficiency. Being belt free, the motor creates less vibration and hence less noise. It also comes with a 10-year warranty which cannot be seen in any other product range.

6 Motion Direct Drive Technology

With the new Optimal Direct Driver motor comes new possibilities. This allows the machine to use the rotation in a variety of motions to achieve different washing equities. LG has mentioned various Motion techniques which lead to powerful washing as well as delicate washing while maintaining the cleansing action under quality control and giving the fabric proper care. The 6 Motion DD provides you below motions.

  1. Stepping- The motor rolls to the half and stops suddenly. Then repeats this motion for a while making a leftward D shape.
  2. Filteration- The motor rolls in clockwise motion at a constant speed to use the centrifugal forces to remove the dirt.
  3. Swing- The motor doesn’t complete the rotation instead it completes a half the rotation in both directions. This results in the scrubbing of the fabric against the drum surface which has small upward kinks. This helps in cleaning the fabric.
  4. Tumble- In this, the motor moves in an anti-clockwise direction with a limited RPM (Speed) by creating an odd ovalish motion for the fabrics. So they strike hard to the drum surface and get cleaned better.
  5. Scrub- In this method the motor moves in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Set speed of a stabilized RPM that results in creating an 8 figure motion for the fabrics.
  6. Roll- Here, the motor moves in a clockwise direction but slow RPM. So that the fabrics don’t carry throughout the rotation and centric gravity forces hit the bottom after a certain point.

Real Life Usage

As we all tend to wash different types of fabrics in our washing machine and there is always a great concern about its cleaning but at the same time we don’t want to lose the product quality. So LG has smartly optimized washing techniques with a combination of various motion patterns such as:-

  • Cotton- The machine itself will wash the fabrics with the combination of Scrub, Stepping, Tumble, Filteration, Rolling.
  • Stain Care- When you have a bunch of stained clothes such as chocolate stains, heavily contaminated laundry, and ketchup stain. You can select the STAIN CARE option in which all the stains are washed impeccably with the combination of Tumble, Filteration, Swing.
  • Gentle Care- We have delicate laundries to wash such as Lingerie, Blouse, and undergarments to have a gentle wash. You can select the GENTLE CARE option which washes the clothes with the Swing motion.
  • Speed 14- This mode allows you to wash the simple laundries which need to be washed every day or frequently. And can be quickly washed within 14 mins. Such as baby clothes, underwear, socks, towels but it should be under 2 kgs. In this, the machine uses the tumble motion technique to clean the clothes.

True Steam Technology

The new steam technology of LG Claims to Reduce 99.9% germs with its optimal temperature control. Basically, it uses the water to produce steams which are directly applied over the fabrics. Steam kills all the germs and harmful microorganisms that remain in your fabric. This is also named as allergy care. This technology also helps in refreshing your clothes by lessening the wrinkles and reducing odor without any ironing. It also acts as a most softener that uses pure true steam water ideal for babies and sensitive skin.


TurboWash Technology

The turbo wash technology allows you to wash your daily usable with a fast wash. Thus, saving a lot of your time that can be used elsewhere in your busy schedule. The Turbo Wash Technique combines 3 wash methods namely Rinse, Jet Spray and Spin together which washes your clothes fast and clean within 59 minutes. The Turbo Wash not only saves your time but also it is energy efficient saving energy up to 15%. The water-saving is also 40% in comparison to the regular water usage.

Smart Diagnosis Technology


With the help of smart diagnosis technology, one can spot the technical problems that occur in the machine due to which it might malfunction. This can be easily detected by the user with the help of their smart-phone. To do so, one must do the following steps-

  1. Tap the Smart Diagnosis button and then take your phone close to the power button, before this open the LG application.
  2. After this press and hold the temperature button for 3 seconds
  3. One the machine starts analyzing, it pops up the error information on the screen of your smartphone.

After getting the malfunction information one can contact the service center, portray the situation in front of them and get their problem resolved.

NFC Tag Technology

NFC is defined as a Near Field Communication. It allows two electronic devices which are near to each other to communicate. They take the help of various protocols and LG has innovatively implemented this technology. Via which you can choose the various wash cycles and select the settings on the phone via the LG app. Then, using the NFC feature allow the machine itself to take your command of action and implement it accordingly.

To do so, you have followed the steps as mentioned-

  1. Tap, Tag On Cycle Download on the Tag On the menu at the bottom of the App. And select the cycle you desire.
  2. Tag your smartphone close to your washing machines Tag on the logo.
  3. When the complete screen shows, press the start button on your washing machine.

Rat Away Technology

Rats are a huge problem nowadays because they sneak into small places and often gt stuck and damage the machine to an extent. To tackle this problem LG has come up with Rat Away Technology. Here, they have applied rat repellent chemical that makes sure that no rat tries to damage your washing machine. Hence, improving the durability and performance to give you the best in the class experience.


Turbo Drum Technology

According to LG, it is a very unique technology because it knows the ways to handle your clothes with care. The Dual Direction rotation of the drum prevents the tangling of the clothes. Hence, preventing them from damage and cleaning your clothes more efficiently. And the machine has a longer life as well.

Smart Inverter Technology

The Smart Inverter Technology is used in the Top loading washing machines provided by LG. According to it, the energy used by the Smart Inverter Motor (LG BMC Motor Protection) saves up to 36% energy while creating less noise and vibration with increased durability. Due to the stability provided by the BMC Motor Protection, it is low as 45 DB(decibel) and operates stably. And the protection also surrounds the motor preventing it from Dust, Humidity, Insects and increasing the durability up to 10years.

Inverter Heat Pump Drying Technology

The Inverter heater Technology is Classically stored in the twin Washing machine ranges provided by Lg. It is defined as an advanced drying technology which provides drying to the delicate clothes. It does this by treating them with low temperatures within 60 to 70 degrees Celcius.


Eco Hybrid Technology

Eco Hybrid technology is designed in such a way that it will help you save your water usage and time consumption choose. If you opt to choose the eco dry mode then it will shorten the drying cycle. Without wasting any extra water and you can save up to 4,774l/year of water. If you choose the normal dry option you can save up 22,000 min/year of your time. So the choice is yours that what do you want to use.


JetSpray+, AutoPrewash, Air Dry

Jetspray+ is a powerful built-in water spray that washes off dirt and extra detergent. It gives the user the best wash without their involvement. JetSpray+ with Auto Pre-wash helps save upto70L water. Auto Pre-wash is an option to clean tough stains with one touch only. 

Since we are talking about the efficiency of cleaning. Air Dry helps you to extend the life of the washing machine by cleaning the inside of the machine. It does this by drying the remaining water inside the washing machine after all the washing is done.

Similar to this is the Tub dry option which sterlize the in and out of the tub to prevent any unpleasant smell.

Earlier we have to clean our clothes in freshwater after washing them in the washing machine to get the detergent out. Now with Smart Cleaning, detergent is soaked out of the clothes even when you put more detergent

Final Verdict on LG’s Washing Machine

We understand how important it is finding the right laundry machine that fits your budget, lifestyle and unique space. But with so many choices available the stress of making the right decision often overwhelm. To resolve this situation I have detailed the washing machine selection criteria. According to which LG stands in a good position if the service quality and technology usage are taken into consideration.

LG is a global Company and has always kept its promises and deliver products that provide quality and performance within the boundary of a customer’s comfort. And this is the main reason they have been covering a large share in this sector. When it comes to their washing machines they have truly out led everyone else with there amazing product ranges and technologies built in it.

Smart Inverter Technology that uses less power for efficient cleaning, Eco Hybrid technology that reduces water usage by reducing the drying cycle, Turbo Drum technology that handles your clothes with extra care. Inverter Direct Drive technology that replaces the conventional pulley system motor with a direct drive motor which rotates bi-directionally. Thus, providing different motion patterns for the 6 motion Direct Drive technology which uses different motion techniques for different types of clothes such as scrub, swing, tumble roll, stepping, and filtration. LG has a Smart diagnosis Technology that you may not find or see in another brand. At the time within the price segment, this allows you smartly look after the technical faults of the machine within your smartphone. When it comes to compatibility LG has also conquered over the NFC tag technology allowing you to Control wash cycles with your smartphones.

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