Electricity is an indispensable stipulation for humans for a long time ago. The invention of bulbs has made the lives of people snuggly. These old techniques bulbs devour more amount of electricity. Today electricity is the influential raw material for the production and welfare of the lives of people. Its regular heavy consumption would lead to its paucity which would further lead to its attenuation. Thus, these bulbs were replaced by the marvelous technology of LED and Fluorescent bulbs.

LEDs and Fluorescent lights are more efficient and even inexpensive. These are designed according to the consumer’s need and stipulation. They are highly recommended in many household lightings as they are small in size and also more efficient than a CFL (Compact Fluorescent Bulb). LEDs are operated on less wattage compared to normal filament bulbs. These excellent technologies not only save electricity but also provide a delightful look at the lighting by providing various colors because of its splendid materials that introduce photons of various wavelengths. The LEDs and Fluorescent bulbs are used for sundry purposes for the clinching of market clamors.

Compact Fluorescent Lamp
Light Emitting Diode
Light Emitting Diode

Types Of LED Bulbs

The LED bulbs have been innovating the lives of people by their sublime features like easy install, less maintenance, longer life span, etc. The different types of LED are available for fulfilling different market and personal household requirements.

Miniature LED Bulbs

As their name suggests, they are small in size but have a better intensity of light as compared to their size. These are efficient and consumes very slighter power as compared to a filament bulb. These can deftly fulfill small scale requirements like lightning

students’ projects, in USBs, in electronic appliances for some indication, in mobile’s torch, in-camera, in circuit boards so it can be easily located even in the darkness, decoration, etc. They can be effortlessly operated on low wattage, therefore; they are supplied electricity from the battery or a cell. This miniature LED light is in great demand because all the remotes need this LED light which produces instructions and transmits it through the infrared light emitted by the LED installed in it. These LEDs are cheap as compared to a small wattage filament bulb.

Miniature LED Bulbs
Miniature LED Bulbs

Application-Specific LED Bulbs

These LEDs glow up the digital boards which furnish the information. You observe them at Electricity shops, at Restaurants, at commercial shops to display the Title of the shop and catch customers’ eye easily. Earlier the boards were handwritten or painted but now this digital board has changed the old technology. This board has splendid features of multicolor which make the text/information more attractive. This board is deftly visible at the bus stands, railway station to display train running schedule, banks, shops, etc. These LEDs are also present in the digital wall clock. These are mainly used in traffic signals.

Application specific LED used in LED display board
Appliaction Specific LED Bulbs

LED Strips

We form a strip by connecting LEDs into a series of combinations. LEDs are attached on a flexible and thin strip that can be easily bowled over circular support. These are designed to be operated at a low voltage of about 12 to 24 V and do no harm by providing an electric shock. These are water-resistant and are available at a low cost. They are also efficient than normal light series because these are easily operated by battery. They are used for indoor as well as outdoor decoration. These are widely used in decorating cars, notice boards, mainly used for highlighting purposes.

LED Strip
LED Strip

Directional Reflector LED Lamp

LED reflector bulbs are the advanced and innovative solution to save electricity because they have a parabolic reflector generally made of aluminum which concentrates light beam in a particular direction instead of spreading it. These are used as table lamp bulbs and are generally installed in the room where there is a specific need for light, spotlights also use this bulb.

Directional Reflector LED lamps
Directional Reflector LED Lamp

LED Spot Light

These lights are operated on less wattage in comparison to the CFLs. These are designed well to spot in a small place. Generally used for decoration purposes. They are widely used as torch bulbs. Their wide range of property attracts the consumer. These are not so costly and can be easily fitted due to their compact light. These lights are suitable where the light requirement is not more like the workplace, drawing room, bathrooms, etc. These have been popular among the new generation because of their standard looks and high working period about 12 hours a day.

LED spot light bulb
LED Spot Light

LED Tubes

These are just like the primeval tube lights but are much more efficient than any normal tube light. These are environmentally safe, have a long life span, and cheap. Normal tube lights have a wattage of 40 W but a LED tube light needs a wattage of only 14V. These are rigid and safe as a normal tube light get damaged if they fell down. These can be also operated on a low voltage

LED tube light
LED Tube Light

LED Panel Light

The panel lights are the innovative version of the LED directional reflector light. These are the most cherished compact led panels. These are fulfilling the increasing demands of the space as well as good lighting in small power. They are widely used instead of any other bulb and have standard look and are easy to maintain, easy to install and replace. Panel LEDs are available in the square as well as a circular shape which not only provides design, also provides the alternative of selecting a proper panel for a compact space. These are preferred for decoration as well as household purposes.

LED panel lights are appreciated by the showroom owners because by using some LED panels light, they can brighten up the whole display panel and can save much more electricity. These are available in various wattages from 12W to 85W. They have clamps beside them which allow consumers to install it easily in a compactible space.

LED panel light
LED Panel Light

LED Bay Light

These lights are a boon to the large-scale industries where the lighting requirement was more. These LED bay lights have enough forte to lit up large areas within low consumption of electricity. These are designed to live long last, produce less heat which increases the efficiency of the light, and are durable. These lights uniformly spread brightness over the large area. This requires a high investment hence, they are worthy. It has different wattages for different purposes ( 100W, 120W, 150W ), etc. These are widely preferred for warehouses, big malls, stadiums, basketball courts, etc.

LED bay lights installed in the warehouse
LED bay light intalled in the warehouse

LED Stage Lights and Street Lights

These lights are built for decorating stages for an event. They are using less power and can be easily operated on a small portable generator. The street lights are the most imperative part of our life. Nowadays technology has innovated new featured LED lights which consume less power than any ordinary light. Earlier those halogen bulbs light were consuming a lot of energy and also produces heat but these new LED street lights are fulfilling lighting requirements with more efficiency. They are easy to maintain and install and have a long-lasting life span of up to 12 years. The solar panels can be installed within the lights as they have LED so it would not need much energy hence, saving the large part of electricity which was earlier used for lit up of the street.

LED stage lights
LED Stage Light
LED Street light
LED Street light

Compact Fluroscent Lamp

The compact fluorescent lamps are more efficient and brighter than a normal filament bulb. They do not produce heat energy hence, saving the loss of electricity. These are long-lasting energy saver bulbs. It is expensive in comparison to normal bulbs and LED bulbs. This contains mercury which is toxic therefore it can not be easily disposed of. These mainly have two types of physiques. The integrated CFL has a splendid edge that can be easily replaced in place of old filament bulbs while the non-integrated CFL does not possess this feature.

Picture showing how a CFL has been used instead of many bulbs to save electricity and getting more efficiency
Picture showing how a CFL has been sued instead of many bulbs to save electricity and get more efficiency

Types of Fluorescent Lamps

The technology has placid the market demands and consumers choice with its comfortable and compact designable bulbs.

Spiral CFL Bulbs

These bulbs are the most popular type of CFL. These are brighter than a normal bulb but they are small in size and also consume less amount of electricity. Earlier bulbs were lit up by heating the filament (made up of Tungsten) but these bulbs contain a gaseous mixture of argon and helium which works on the principle of ‘excitation’.

Spiral CFL Bulbs

Tube CFL Bulbs

The tube shape CFL bulbs were the preliminary invention of the CFL bulbs. These consume space as they have a long and narrow tube made up of glass. These bulbs are efficient but their further innovation like spiral bulbs have more advantage over that. These are the cheapest among all CFL bulbs and have a wattage of different user’s requirements.

Tube CFL bulbs
Tube CFL Bulbs

Globe CFL Bulbs

These CFL bulbs have a most appreciated and innovative technique which makes it being adapted by most people because it has an outer covering made up of plastic, not of glass. Hence, made it more durable and popular. They are also available at a low cost and in different wattages.

Globe CFL bulb
Globe CFL Bulb

Reflector CFL Bulb

These bulbs use the reflector to spread their light in a particular direction which helps them in producing a sharp and rich intensified beam of light. This also ensures a low consumption of electricity and working with high efficiency. These reflectors are being used in normal CFL bulbs and in LED also and are made up of aluminum.  

Reflector CFL bulb
Reflector CFL Bulb

How LED and Fluorescent are dominating old filament bulbs

In the era of the blossoming, technology has changed people’s lifestyle by inventing these energy saver bulbs. These have splendid features like low cost, more durable, more efficient, working hours are more, etc than a normal bulb. These have a marvelous feature of controlling the intensity of light. These bestow the consumer several attractive colors for their home decoration.

The consumers are very well satisfied with all these excellent features and day by day these bulbs are being more preferred by the new generation to reduce their electric bills. To get a brighter light for a longer time the LEDs must be tendered instead of CFL lights because LEDs have more working hours than a normal CFL bulb. These LED bulbs generate more ‘lumens’ in less wastage in comparison to a CFL bulb. These lights are being used in home decor, showrooms, etc to get a brighter light.

The energy saver bulbs are empowered with extremely rich features of dimmer control which ensures less consumption of electricity. These bulbs also have advanced technology of inbuilt sensors which enable automatically the ON / OFF of the bulb. These bulbs can be installed outside the house like balcony etc. because they can scrimmage outer weather conditions like rain, snowfall, etc. These lights are widely used in the ceiling for lighting as well as decorating purposes. Therefore, these are compatible with low wattage and hence consumers can use more variety of these lights for fulfilling their needs.

These lights do not need so much effort in fitting them and using panel lights instead of the bulbs would also prevent electricity but would also consume less space. By replacing the filament bulbs with these would assist us in brightening our home in less electricity consumption. Nowadays LED bulbs are being preferred by people instead of CFLs because the LEDs have more working hours, less wattage requirement, cheap, and less harmful than a normal CLF bulb. By using LED tube instead of a normal tube light, by using CFL instead of filament bulbs in the home, offices, etc. Hence, using an LED product instead of others would lead to getting brighter light for a longer time and would lead to less depletion of resources for producing more electricity.


In today’s era of modernization and development, electricity is an essential part of the development process. Although electricity is essential for our daily lives. Without it, life is difficult because it enables us to see various objects, etc. Earlier the electric bulbs were made up of a tungsten filament which heats up to a high temperature to produce light and that involves the high consumption of electricity. Therefore, technology has conceived the energy saver bulbs like LEDs and CFLs. These technologies not only save electricity but also are more efficient and brighter than a normal bulb. The LED lighting has dazzled people with its standard design, multicolor property, efficiency, etc.

These modern LEDs and fluorescent bulbs are briskly cast-off by people to ensure brighter light at low cost and wattage. Many people are adopting these energy saver lights at their homes, workplaces, warehouses, schools, hospitals, stadiums, etc where the light requirement is more and by using these splendid technologies and lowers the electricity consumption. By adopting these smarter and cheaper LED bulbs and fluorescent bulbs the resources may be prevented from being vanished rapidly. 

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