Nowadays the usage of air conditioners has been widely increased. Every individual has a plan to have an air conditioner at his home but they are confused about selecting a specific brand that can satisfy their requirements. And most of them choose the wrong one and get disappointed after experiencing its service. If you are in that category this article is going to help you a lot in choosing the best brand in the market. We have done research on all the top companies which produce air conditioners, compared them, filtered them, and made our decision for the best air conditioner available in the market.

Moving into the article the best brand proven in our research is “Whirlpool”. Whirlpool is a multinational company that manufactures home appliances including Air conditioners, Refrigerators, washing machines, and a lot more. Especially they are well known for the production of top-class Air conditioners using the latest technology. They have an experience of more than 100 years in this platform. That experience provides assurance to the people in terms of quality as well as service. Now let’s see what makes those Air conditioners so special for the customers.

Fun Fact: The air conditioners are also known as HVAC which is an abbreviation for Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning appliances that purifies the polluted air and makes them suitable for us using a variety of technology.

Major Technology Used

The main reason for choosing Whirlpool Air conditioners over any other brand is the Technology used and external features it has. Whirlpool has highly qualified technology experts using the latest technology to build its air conditioners which include the 3D cooling Technology, 6th Sense Intellicomfort, Dual fan compressor Technology, 4-in -one Filtration with anion shield, Smart diagnosis, MPFI technology, R32 ECO Refrigerant, Stabilizer free operation, auto restart, and Sleep function make it even better compared with other top brands. A normal air conditioner would posses any few of these features but the whirlpool air conditioner has all the above features and lot more in their updated versions. Now let us know how these features help an individual in meeting his/her requirements.

The 3D cooling technology

If you are fed up waiting for longer intervals of time while your AC is trying to make your room cooler. Then check out the amazing 3D technology used in the whirlpool air conditioner. The user can experience faster cooling with 3D vents which help in blowing out the hot air quicker and fills up the surroundings with extremely cool air. This combined with a throw of up to 12M makes it more relevant in making the room cooler and which cannot be found in other conditioners. Thus it cools the room faster and reduces the irritation of waiting for the room to get cooled.

6th sense Intellicomfort


In a normal air conditioner, you need to set the cooling whether to high or low yourself manually based on the surrounding atmosphere. But the 6th sense Intellicomfort technology is here to reduce your effort. Embedded with a Smart Intuitive Logic Chip the technology enables smart communication with the indoor and outdoor environment to adjust and adapt the AC operations based on Humidity Levels. In simple terms, the technology itself changes the temperature of the air conditioner based on surrounding humidity levels. The temperature is adjusted automatically depending on the outside weather. All you need to do is to sit back and enjoy the faster cooling atmosphere coupled with a lot of energy savings which reduces power consumption.

Dual fan compressor technology

This technology enhances compressor efficiency by 50% compared to its previous performance. The speed of cooling gets improvised regularly by using this technology which in turn increases the speed of cooling the room. This can be done even during acute conditions reducing your feeling of discomfort due to extreme outside temperature.

4-in-one Filtration with anion shield

Generally, air conditioners cool the surroundings in which it is fixed whereas a whirlpool air conditioner not only cools the room but also removes 99% of harmful PM2.5 within its progressive 4-in-one Filtration with anion shield. Along with the hot air these harmful germs were also removed from the room. This ensures that the air inside your room is safe, hygienic and germ free resulting in harmless and eco-friendly air conditioner.

Smart diagnosis


If we come across any malfunction in an air conditioner, we need the assistance of a mechanic in order to fix it. The process includes calling the customer care, getting in touch with the associate, fixing a specific date of visit to solve the problem, and a lot more. whereas the whirlpool smart Air conditioner has a real-time monitoring process that self-diagnosis any malfunction. It can heal itself to some basic technical problems. This helps in reducing the efforts of reaching customer care and resolving the problem.

MPFI technology


The Multi-Port Fluid Injection technology uses a unique 4*4 evaporator circuit design for rapid heat exchange from the external atmosphere resulting in enhanced cooling capacity and power savings. This technology helps in identifying and dealing with the unwanted atmosphere faster. This is rarely used in any air conditioner which shows the Quality Assurance of the whirlpool to its customers.

R32 ECO Refrigerant

The whirlpool air conditioner uses the R32 Refrigerant which has excellent energy efficiency. This is a high-quality Refrigerant used which means that the air conditioner emits fewer greenhouse gases and requires extremely less refrigerant volume to operate. This shows the Eco-friendly nature of the whirlpool air conditioner.

Stabilizer free operation

Everyone worries about the flow of electricity after getting an air conditioner. People spend an extra amount of money on buying a separate stabilizer in order to control the flow of electricity to the air conditioner. In whirlpool, the stabilizer free operation ensures that an individual need not get any external stabilizer spending extra money on it. It protects the vital components of AC from power fluctuations. It can manage the fluctuations up to 145v when it exceeds the limit you need an external stabilizer to control it.

Auto restart

Whirlpool air conditioner has a special function of the auto restart. In case of sudden power cuts or unexpected power losses the air conditioner automatically restarts when the power is restored. You need not switch on the conditioner all the time manually.

Sleep function


This function allows you to set a reminder when you want the air conditioner to switch off. The air conditioner gets off automatically at a selected time so that you can have a happy sleep without any disturbance of switching off the AC.

Above mentioned are the basic features that differ whirlpool from other brands. On the other hand, the quality of these air conditioners is getting better as we move towards the updated versions. The latest version has the best quality and features.


The whirlpool air conditioners are designed with pioneering technologies and elegant designs. Whirlpool majorly has two designs for its air conditioners. i.e. split air conditioners and window air conditioners.

Split air conditioner


Whirlpools split air conditioners are available in different ranges such as 3D cool, Fantasia, and Magi cool.  An individual has to choose from an energy rating of 2 stars to 5 stars and a capacity range of 1 ton to 2 ton based on his/her requirement. Whirlpool split ACs are equipped with the best in class features and technologies. For example – 3D cool technology, 6th sense Intellicomfort, dual-fan compressor technology, long air throws around you, and advanced MPFI Technology. It is a combination of such powerful features and promises. It shows some exceptional performance and holds the record of superior energy saving.

Window air conditioner


Whirlpool window air conditioners are powered by 6th sense Energy saver technology. It enables the automatic detection of temperature in the room. It can easily differentiate the temperature inside the room with external temperature and automatically makes your room cool. The other intuitive attribute is the 6th sense sleep function. It senses the drop in temperature during the wee hours and adjusts to keep a comfortable temperature inside the room. An individual does not need to adjust the temperature by disturbing himself in the middle of good sleep. Such smart attributes along with other features like Auto Restart, Turbo cool, MPFI technology, etc… make a whirlpool window air conditioner as your favorite choice.

Other voltage ACs with similar technologies and features:

Other than whirlpool we have many other companies that possess similar features such as Samsung, Blue star, Godrej, Haier. These air conditioners have few similar features compared with the whirlpool. They also use a few technologies included in whirlpool-like 3D cooling, auto restart, sleep function. The products produced by these companies may look similar but the quality makes the difference in between them.

  • Whirlpool is a highly reputed company with an experience of more than 100 years. This experience makes them the perfect platform to trust easily.
  • The advanced technology used in whirlpool makes it more attractive than the other air conditioners.
  • The external features which are found only in whirlpool also stand as a better reason to choose it over others.
  • The smart functioning system of the air conditioner reduces the work of a user physically as well as technically. This result in a successful change in the temperature inside the room.
  • Whirlpool has elegant designs of air conditioners where the probability of finding the desired air conditioner is high
  • It does not require any external stabilizer in order to maintain the power fluctuations. It contains an inbuilt stabilizer which can deal with the fluctuations up to 145v. that helps in saving money and power.
  • The whirlpool air conditioners are Eco-friendly. They contain R32 refrigerant which helps in emitting the fewer greenhouse gases and require an extremely less refringent volume to operate.
  • The 6th sense Intellicomfort present in the whirlpool air conditioner helps it controlling the temperature automatically. It is a big achievement by the company and one of the main reasons to choose whirlpool.


Finally, the customer care service of the whirlpool is far better when compared to all other companies’ customer care. The executives respond in a short time and resolve the issues as soon as possible. They are very polite to their customers and always been in their service.

After considering all the above features, technologies, pros, and cons. We can definitely state whirlpool air conditioners as the best air conditioners to be preferred while purchasing an AC. They have the best quality at affordable prices. Excellent features that cannot be avoided while searching for a multi-functioning air conditioner at the desired price. Quality Assurance is the reason why they are in a successful position from the past 100 years.

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syed jaffer
syed jaffer
3 years ago

Hi this is fabulous.
Works best in class.
Love it with love

Kousik Saha
Kousik Saha
3 years ago

Bought Whirlpool Ac from Amazon, scheduled Ac installation through Whirlpool/Amazon customer care service; but mechanic came and refused to install Ac at my desired area in my room although all my electrical and outlet provision we’re ready for the Ac, showing irrational reasons. Machanic was not even tried to fix it and rudely refused and left my place. Product purchased from Such a big company and his authorized seller with proper GST bills and papers, is there any options to get this solved; when I’ve paid a price for my product and ready to pay for installation as well and… Read more »

Kousik Saha
Kousik Saha
3 years ago
Reply to  Akshay

Agree, Flipkart is provide best services for any Electrical equipment.
Next time onwards will buy from there.

3 years ago

Having 1 ton whirlpool AC. Before start of every summer season it needs to be gas charge. The reason explained by the technician is, the gas gets leaked due to its very thin copper coil used in evaporator. This attracts heavy charges every season.

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