An air cooler is an appliance or a heat exchanger that is used to cool or dehumidify the air. An air cooler is the most effective tool to get rid of the blazing summer heat at a completely affordable and reasonable price.

Nevertheless, there are a variety of air coolers available in the market these days. One can opt for an appropriate air cooler best suited for them based on their needs and requirements.

If you require an air cooler for your bedroom, you can invest in a room cooler, on the other hand, if you want central air cooling, you can opt for duct coolers. Jumbo coolers are available in the market for large halls or bigger officers. The reason being they are designed to cover a large area for cooling. However, the size of air coolers doesn’t put any effect on the basic principle of the functioning of the coolers.

7 best air coolers available in India and their features

Symphony Hicool I Room/Personal Air Cooler


Symphony Hicool air cooler is designed to cover and deliver cold air to a smaller area. This air cooler will provide you with comfort to the fullest extent. Moreover, it provides you with multistage air purification which comprises 5 stage filter against dost, smell, allergy, bacteria, and wash. The air cooler is health-friendly and promises to take care of your health as a family member.


Symphony Hicool I room/Personal air cooler comes with a cooling capacity of 31 liters, covering an approximate area of 150 Sq.Ft.

It uses i-Pure Technology and is compact with a PM 2.5 filter which ensures that the air that reaches you is entirely free from dust and bacteria, ensuring your safer health.

The approximate air throw distance of Symphony Hicool I room air cooler is 36 Ft. , which promises to cool your room evenly and uniformly.

The company provides you with a water level indicator inside the air cooler, which helps you to indicate the level of water inside the cooler. Also, the air cooler comprises a total of 5 filters inside it. These filters make sure to strain all the allergy, bacteria, and smell that is present inside the air so that you get the bliss of cool and completely pure air.

The air cooler comes with a fan blower, honeycomb cooling pads, cool flow dispenser, and wheel support for you to shift the air cooler according to your preferred locations.

Hindware SNOWCREST 85-H Desert Air Cooler


Comprising honeycomb pads, Hindware SNOWCREST 85-H Desert Air Cooler comes with ice Chambers that allow optimum cooling, making sure that you and your a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep all night. The air cooler ensures that each and every corner of your room is provided with uniform cooling due to the efficient USP present in it.


Hindware SNOWCREST 85-H Desert Air Cooler is efficiently inverter compatible, making sure that you and you have the bliss of cool air even when the power goes off.

The air cooler comes with a cooling capacity of 85 l, having an approximate coverage area of 350 Sq.Ft.

The company provides a water level indicator to know the level of water inside the air cooler; it also reminds you to fill the cooler with water, in case it runs out of water.

Hindware desert cooler comes with a special filter, which is a mosquito net that makes to use out all the mosquitoes from the air, delivering an entirely flawless and refined cool air to you.

The additional features of the air cooler include wheel support, replaceable pads, and a water drain outlet.

Crompton Honeycomb 88l Desert Cooler


Crompton Honeycomb 88l Desert cooler is an effective energy efficient desert cooler that features a uniform flow dispenser to enable uniform and optimum cooling all around. The air cooler provides better retention and provides you with ultra cooling. It is packed with a honeycomb cooling pad on three sides to deliver air at high speed to you.


Crompton honeycomb desert cooler comes with a water tank capacity of 88 l. The company provides you with a remote control along with the cooler so that it gets convenient for you to operate the air cooler while sitting at your place.

The air cooler comes with three-speed modes, high, medium, and low so that you can preferably systematize the mode according to your need.

It has a special empty tank alarm feature, which reminds you to fill the air cooler with water, in case it runs out of it.

The Other convenient feature of the air cooler includes castor wheels which allow you to shift the air cooler according to your preferred locations manually.

Havells Celia I 55l Cooler


Havells Celia I 55l cooler is designed precisely with low noise cooling and many other prominent and exceptional features, including a unique fan design for quiet noise cooling. The company genuinely cares about the customers’ comfort; therefore, it gives you a full-function remote to provide effortless air cooling operation. The louvers are fully collapsible to prevent the invasion of dust and insects from entering the cooler.


The air cooler comes with a cooling capacity of 55 liters, covering an approximate area of 256 Sq.Ft.

Havells Celia cooler is compact with auto water fill Technology along with honeycomb pads.

The water tank capacity of the air cooler is 55 liters,  and the water filling facility is auto.

It has three fan speed selections, low, medium, and high so that you can preferably switch the speed of the cooler according to your preference.

Ice Chamber will support the other prominent features of the air cooler.

Usha CD-703 Desert Air Cooler


Powered by three-side honeycomb cooling medium and vertical louvers, Usha CD-703 Desert Air Cooler is designed to give you a powerful airflow along with four-way deflection to make sure that fresh air reaches every corner of your room.


Usha CD-703 desert air cooler is compact with a cooling capacity of 70 liters, with an approximate coverage area of 300 Sq.Ft.

It uses Aqua valve auto water filling Technology and is entirely inverter compatible to let you make full use of it even during power cuts.

The air cooler is equipped with honeycomb pads, having an approximate air through a distance of 40 ft.

It also has a water level indicator and a water drain outlet which makes it even more user-friendly.

The other convenient highlights of this air cooler are replaceable pads, wheel support, and auto water filling.

Symphony Diet 22i Tower Air Cooler


Symphony diet 22i Tower air cooler is designed to rescue you from the blazing heat during the summer days. The air cooler requires a very less amount of maintenance and can be afforded at a completely reasonable price. You can experience the bliss of cold air without dipping into your savings, as Symphony diet 22i Tower air cooler comes at a completely cost-efficient price.


Packed with a blower control, the Symphony diet 22i Tower air cooler comes with a water tank capacity of 22 liters.

It has an air throw capacity of 30 feet, with a cooling coverage of around 150 sq. ft.

The air cooler comes with a three-speed control setting which enables you to choose their through level according to your needs.

The other salient feature of the air cooler includes a water inlet, mosquito filter, and remote control system.

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36l Room Air Cooler


The new air cooler buys Bajaj, Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36l room air cooler comes with alone noise operation and chill trap Technology, providing A 4 way wi a deflection. The air cooler is well suited for bedrooms and offices. The air cooler has the quality of cooling your entire home quickly and in an optimum manner.


Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque room air cooler comes with a capacity of 36 liters, which is completely ideal for a 150 sq ft room.

Bajaj provides you with castor wheels along with the air cooler so that you can shift the air cooler according to your preferable directions whenever needed.

The air cooler has three-ways speed, noise-free performance, and a four-way air deflection mode.

The additional features of the air cooler include honeycomb cooling media, comfortable removable pads, and three side cooling pad to offer the user a completely premium experience with the cooler.

Buyers Guide

Types of air coolers in India

Tower coolers

Tower coolers occupy a minor amount of your floor space but provide you with an utterly superior amount of air quality to beat the Summer Heat. These coolers are a slimmer and sleek version of air coolers, which are designed to suit small areas.

Adding to the beauty of these coolers, Tower coolers require very less amount of maintenance and are very convenient in cleaning. Also, you can easily shift your tower cooler to your required destination with the help of castor wheels present in them.

Desert coolers

Desert coolers are designed to suit the requirements of bigger areas. These coolers work absolutely competent even during long operational hours, as they have huge fans and powerful pumps with a high amount of tank capacity.

Similar to tower coolers, desert coolers also come with castor wheels in order to provide you with easy movability. Desert coolers are best suited for party halls, restaurants, offices, etc.

Personal coolers

As the name suggests, personal coolers are compact and portable coolers that can be conveniently fitted near your bed. In other words, personal coolers do not consume a considerate amount of floor to be placed.

These air coolers are meant for indoor air delivery; therefore, they are powered by feature blowers to provide efficient cooling. These coolers are also provided with castor wheels, to offer you better movability. However, unlike desert coolers, personal coolers consume considerably less amount of energy and do not make much noise.

Window coolers

Complying with the name, window coolers are the coolers that are designed to be installed in a window, like a window ACs. As they are fitted in Windows, they do not occupy much space in the room for the installation.

However, if you do not have a window in your room but want a window cooler, in that case, you can conveniently make window coolers portable through trolleys which can be bought separately. Window coolers are designed for indoor areas, small rooms or offices, etc.

How to choose the best-suited air cooler

Before investing in an air cooler, one must need to keep in mind his requirements and undoubtedly his budget. However, there are certain points that might help you to get easy while buying an air cooler.

Size of the room

The primary factor to keep in mind while investing in an air cooler is to know how much area do you need your air cooler to cover. For instance, a 30 l air cooler can cool a room size of 10 ft by 20 ft efficiently, on the other hand, an air cooler having a capacity of 50l is capable of providing fresh air to big halls.

Cooling pads

If you want your cooling pads to last longer, then you should spend on net pads rather than normal pads. However, net pads are quite expensive than normal pads but they do provide a better experience to the user in terms of performance. Also, it is crucial for the user to acknowledge the need for changing the pads frequently.

Consumption of electricity

It is better to precisely acknowledge the details of the product that you are going to bring to your home rather than cursing your investment thereafter. While choosing the appropriate air cooler for you, you should keenly note the electricity consumption of the product. You can estimate the power consumption by the Watt of the cooler and its BEE rating available on the internet.

Brand of the cooler

Nowadays, a cluster of customers has become brand-oriented. You can choose your preferred brand’s air cooler if you have trust in the quality that the brand provides. For your reference, Bajaj, Symphony, Havells, and Usha are the most reputed brands when it comes to air coolers. Moreover, for even more convenience, you can have precise information about the brands and the products on various websites such as Flipkart, Amazon by having a look at the users’ ratings and reviews.

Inverter compatibility

If you do not want to experience the blazing heat of hot summers even for a minute it is better for you to look for an air cooler that provides inverter compatibility. However, nowadays many air coolers come with the function of operation with the inverter.

Other features

User satisfaction is crucial at the utmost level, therefore, there can be more factors that a customer wants to cover before his investment. These points may include, remote control function, design of the air cooler, and water tank capacity.

Why Buy Air Cooler

Air coolers are a completely inexpensive and economical way of investing your money. You can get the bliss of cold air without deploying into your savings if you spend in an efficient air cooler.

Air coolers are comfortable to have in your home, as they come with wheels so that you can shift them to your preferred locations whenever you feel the need to.

They require less maintenance as compared to air conditioners. Moreover, you can fix some parts of the air coolers manually rather than waiting for the service help from the company.

Air coolers provide completely natural and pure air. They provide comfort and relaxation to the people who are sitting in the room where it is fitted in.

Air coolers not only work efficiently during humid climates but also during dry weather, ensuring you a completely relaxed and comfortable environment in all seasons.

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