Voltas Air Conditioner Review 2020 | Latest Technologies & Features

Voltas has been rewarded with THE best air conditioner brand in India. Voltas had captured a hefty amount of sales last year and sold almost more than 1 million of its products. Started in 1954, Voltas is also one of the oldest Indian brands. Surprisingly, it has over 14,000 retail services over India.

Voltas provides a wide range of air conditioners that satisfy both, commercial and household needs at a fair price too!

Technologies Used in Voltas AC

Turbo Cool + Fast Cooling Cross Air Vent

There are times when the heat is too much and you require some instant cooling once you come back home. But unfortunately, the AC takes up a lot of time to cool the room and leaves you frustrated. If you own a Voltas Air conditioner, you’ll not need to worry about it. Since the cross air ventilation and turbo cool allows the room to cool down in minutes. It has a high-speed turbofan which allows the AC to do so.

Cross Flow is where the air first passes through the vent and then through a condenser where it cools down. It then releases into the room where it flows in a “cross direction” and allows even the farthest corner of the room to be cooled.  The Voltas 1.5 Ton Inverter AC is one of the best in matters of Turbo cooling.

Dehumidification Mode

During summers, the AC tends to overwork to cope up with the high temperature. Due to this, there might be water leakage which might lead to the humidification of the interiors. Due to this, the AC might take up a lot of energy and make the room very cold. Voltas Air Conditioners have this option to dehumidify the room and when turned on. It absorbs moisture from the room to provide the users with a better cooling experience. If not for the dehumidification system, the condenser would have been damaged by the humidity. It also helps to prevent damping of the room during rainy seasons. Voltas 1.4 Split is one of the best dehumidifying air conditioners out in the market.

The Room is rapidly dehumidified with the super dry mode on. The Air conditioner works at a predefined cooling limit while restricting the indoor fan blower at a lower speed. This new mode will catch the additional water fume in the air at a lot higher rate and faster.

Catechin Filter With Nanotech

New Voltas Models are fitted with various filters and meshes which. It provides protection against particles such as :

  • Pollen
  • Hair
  • Mites
  • Dust
  • Fungus

The Catechin filter filters out most of the harmful components in the air around it reducing odor from a room. It also clears off the air of bacterial pollution and covers up the bad smell. The Catechin filter has the ability to kill microscopic pollutants that are not visible to the naked eye.  Voltas Air Conditioners also include a Nano Silver Technology which sterilizes bacteria at a mass level. It has a silver ion filter that kills microbes and other tiny but harmful air pollutants. Voltas Air conditioners have removable filters that make it easy to clean and maintain.

The special filters fitted inside the new high-end Voltas Models filters out the Co2 from an enclosed room and decrease it noticeably. Apart from this, it also filters out toxic and Volatile compounds.

The Voltas Models are also fitted with a 2 stage Filtration Feature. This particular feature allows the system to get rid of room odor and other unwanted particles in order to provide fresh cold air. Here, the condensed air goes through two stages of filtration before getting released through the air vent. This is done specially for advanced user experience in lieu of fresh cool air. Not only does it filter out dust particles from the evaporating coil but it also clears out the microbes and bacteria present in the surrounding air so as to prevent foreign infiltration. The Voltas Window MZC offers a 2 stage filtration system coming at a price of Rs.34,990.

Apart from 2 stage Filtration, PM2.5 Filter has the ability to filter out dense pollution and provide clean cool air. The Voltas 185V Floral Model is fitted with the same technology. As for a 4 stage filtration system, the one to go for is The Voltas Split WZJ.

Eco Friendly R-410 Refrigerant

Air Conditioners consist of a fluid that pulls out the heat from the surrounding air and cools it down. The Refrigerant originally is liquid which converts to cool gas and vice versa.

The Luxury Models of Voltas Air Conditioners are included with R-410 Refrigerant. It does NOT release Chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs) into the atmosphere and takes part in creating a greener environment. The refrigerant of this series uses an archaic or linear type compressor which allows the refrigerant to run through the condenser with minimum friction. It eats up less energy which again, is an aid to electrical savings. Just a few years ago, The Indian Government released an “All Green Technology”. It gives out a range of products with the “Eco Friendly” refrigerants. Personally,  this is both a huge aid to saving your electric bill and also The Earth.

The R-32 Refrigerant is also one of the best types of Eco-Friendly refrigerants in the market. It is a signature mark for Voltas Air conditioners. Follow an “All Green Protocol”, the R-32 Refrigerant runs the condensing procedure at a low electrical cost. As a bonus, it also keeps the environment safe by reducing the spillage of CFCs. Most of the commercial and household Voltas Air Conditioners are fitted with the R-32 Refrigerant.

Refrigerants such as R-22 are archaic type refrigerants which can take up a lot of pressure and has lesser chances of a technical breakdown. The new Voltas Models are attached to this type of refrigerant with a Rotary Compressor.  Air conditioners such as Voltas 1.5 Split AC use synthetic oil as a lubricant which in turn slims the amount of roughness on the compressor.

Usage Of Copper Condensor

The Zenith series of Voltas Air Conditioners use copper condensers which are built completely of copper. Compared to the Aluminium condensers, copper condensers are better heat conductors. They set the conversion of liquid refrigerant to gas much quicker on the clock and are easier to maintain, unlike an aluminum condenser that requires frequent and complete replacement. Unfortunately, copper condensers are costlier, so the products having copper condensers go a bit heavy on the pocket.

Rotary Compressor

Rotary Compressors are the one which takes up centrifugal pressure to compress the air. It does this using the action of a high-speed propellor inside the AC in a particular space. The Classic series of Voltas Air Conditioners consists of Rotary Compressors which compresses the refrigerant at high pressure and converts it to a  liquefied state in the Air Conditioner. The other type of AC Compressor is a Reciprocating Compressor compared to which, Rotary Compressors are a much more efficient choice. Why? Because it helps in minimizing power usage, decreases loss of cooling gas, and reduces sound. Rotary Compressors are used in offices and corporate areas where constant Air Conditioning is required.

Air Conditioners such as the Voltas Window AC 185 MZC has a Steady Cool Rotary Compressors. It allows the AC to work at high pressure while keeping a steady condensing level for the Refrigerant. This model uses the R32 Eco-Friendly Refrigerant which not only takes up lesser energy but also minimizes the release of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the atmosphere.

Hydrophillic Fins

Hydrophilic Fins are components of Modern Air Conditioning systems that enhance the wettability of the condenser and keeps the corrosion at bay. Hydrophilic Fins make sure to remove the condensed particle remains immediately from the interiors post condensation of the refrigerant. With the particles removed immediately, bacteria and other air pollutants cannot infiltrate inside the AC. This could be fatal for the product’s user and their satisfaction. 

The Voltas FAC SlimLine Model (~ Rs.99,000) is attached with Hydrophilic Fins which allows the water to flow freely. It prevents the stacking up of microorganisms and bacteria in the coil which allows efficient cooling. Apart from having a Hydrophilic Fin, this model comes with a Wide Angle AirFlow which allows the air conditioner to spread cool air to every corner of the room.

Inverter Compressor And Silent Cooling

Air Conditioners in the past usually had single-speed compressors which could be turned on or off. Such compressors would take up a lot of energy and power resulting in power fluctuations. After the room had achieved a certain temperature, the compressor would automatically switch on, making a sound which most of us have surely heard.

With the invention of an Inverter Compressor, this whole scene has changed and we have a much more efficient solution. An Inverter Compressor in an AC is where the compressor automatically sets up its power to match the cooling requirements. If it requires more energy, the compressor gives out more power and if it requires less energy, the compressor gives out less power. Other than being an efficient and power-saving solution, Inverter Technology is definitely one of the most needed innovation we needed in this current generation of users.

Inverter Compressor also reduces the sound which means more savings! By using Inverter Technology, the Air Conditioner can cool even at a scorching temperature of up to 52 degrees and give you warmth at -30 degrees. In short, you can keep the compressor on all the time, and yet, it wouldn’t cost you one extra dime. Poetic enough?

Now, Which Voltas To Buy?

As discussed earlier, there’s a wide range of Voltas Air Conditioners which are best in their own way but there definitely is an Air Conditioner that matches YOUR requirement. Let’s check it out!

If you are looking towards savings, the one to go for is Voltas Split AC 183 Exp (~Rs 52,690). It includes an Inverter Compressor which eats up lesser energy. Apart from this, “sleeping mode” enables the AC to automatically switch off after a particular time set by the user. It also runs on a “wide voltage operation” which allows the AC to run normally at a lower voltage.

If you’re looking for high-end cooling, the one to go for is the Voltas Split AC 183 DZZ RED. It comes at a price of ~Rs 52,490 including the High Ambient Cooling Technology. With the inclusion of high ambient cooling, the AC can cool a room even at a temperature of above 50°C. And keeps the refrigerant safe from high temperatures before condensation. Apart from this, it also includes a “Self Diagnosis” feature which allows the Air Conditioner to fix itself if there are any technical issues. But due to personal experience, I will strongly suggest you consult a proper technician in case of troubleshooting.

If you’re not that worried about your pocket and have gathered enough to spend on a highly modern Air Conditioner, the one to go for is The Voltas Split AC WAN Smart Voice 1.5 ton AC. Starting at a hefty price if Rs 59,643 this Air Conditioner comes with a Voice Control Feature with Alexa. It allows the user to give out commands to the AC according to which Alexa would control the Air Conditioner. Be it modulating the temperature or controlling the swing movement, you can do everything literally, at a click! 

If not Alexa, you can also connect your Air Conditioner to your SmartPhone via Wifi and control the AC through your phone. All you have to do is download the Voltas application and follow the procedure! No matter how far you are from home, you can control your Air Conditioner and keep it at the ‘tip of your fingertips’.

Not only English but this Air Conditioner can speak in Hindi too! For the desi users, this is a treasure grove since they can now communicate with their AC, in their own language! Who would have thought mankind would actually live to see this day ?!

If you’re looking for an Air Conditioner for a Corporate Space, the only option is to go for Voltas Cassette Air Conditioners! Coming with Negative ion and anti-dust filters, The Voltas Cassette 242 LZCC also has insta cool compressors that provide instantaneous cooling even at temperatures above 50°C. It also consists of 360° cooling which enables the AC to provide cool air to every corner of the room. The Cold Catalyst allows the AC to cool its interiors for even more advanced cooling.

If you’re looking for movable cooler ACs, The SlimLine Range of Voltas ACs is perfect for you. The best SlimeLine AC would be The 48 CZMM which offers you various features such as wide-angle airflow which allows the cool air to reach fair distances. Hydrophilic Evaporate which improves cooling efficiency by preventing the accumulation of dirt and bacteria in the Evaporative Coil.

Awards Won By Voltas

Not only Voltas was voted the “People’s Choice” in 2018 but also through its innovation and futuristic techniques, Voltas has won the following accolades:





Now, we have seen WHY Voltas is the best Air Conditioning System you can own. Starting from Turbo Cooling to Alexa enables voice control, Voltas offers a lot of high-end AC tech which cannot be found in other Air Conditioning brands. I hope this article has cleared your mind to some extent about which Air Condition you should buy. Happy Shopping!!

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