When it comes to the various product required by humans to make their life easy and more comfortable, then there will be a number of devices, but the role of Television has just changed the importance of human life. Imagining a life without TV for even a single day will be very difficult.

When it comes to the invention of the Television in 1927, from the time, it has seen a lot of elevation in the technologies whether it from black and white TV to color TV, from big boxes to slim LED, there has been a long journey of development in this era.

LG is one of the leading brands in the world for home appliances production and is focusing on new technologies. LG has made its name in every appliance. It offers the best techniques and most advanced options of its time in every situation. The main products of LG are TV, washing machine, audio-video Television, speaker, and many more.

LG TV Technologies & Features

OLED technology

It is one of the most advanced technologies which are being used in LCD TV and LED TV. OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) glows when an electric current pass through them, and they shine which help them to reduce the thickness and weight of old technology of TV and introduce a slim and more advanced LCD and LED TV.

With the help of OLED LG is creating an ultra-thin sleek shell, superior color reproduction, and individual pixels. They can brighten, dim and power off entirely to achieve perfect black, unparalleled realism and depth. All this helps in increasing energy efficiency in their TV. This enables it to introduce most of its TV with extra features in less space.

HDR technology

The “HDR” basically abbreviates to High Dynamic Range. It is the most popular technology in the recent market for consumers. Currently, the technology is substantial in the case of 4K TVs and with the 4K content.

HDR works by increasing the contrast level of the on-screen time of the image produced onto the display by increasing the amount of brightness.

The term commenced from the photography technically resembles the dynamic ranges of the picture mostly comprises with contrast amidst to the intensity, whites and the darkest blacks.

Magic Remote

This technology is introduced by the LG in 2012 which allows the user to do multiple tasks with the remote and upgrade with time and has reached to level that you can use.

The same remote may be used for other devices like speakers, AC, Refrigerator, LED bulbs and many more. It requires to be connected to the same Wi-Fi with the TV so it will automatically connect all the devices and will control them using the same remote. In this technology, LG has used the basic concept of Hillcrest labs technology.


It is an operating system developed by the LG, used for doing multitasking work with TV and other devices. In Feb 2013, when LG purchased open webOS from HP, it was very much required for the company, and in a short time, it became a necessary and useful part of LG devices.

The main reason for using webOS in the TV is to provide multitasking operations to the user and allow them to control other devices with the same remote and make different functions using the same remote. Working of magic remote depends on the webOS as without it tools would not be connected with the TV, and then there is no way to control them using the same remote.

Alpha 9 and Alpha 7 Processor

It is the advanced version of the WebOS. It provides more function which helps the TV with features such as Object Depth Enhancer, ultimate picture quality. The Color Accuracy Pro, High Frame Rates, which all together make the TV more productive and more provides a more fantastic experience in watching the TV screen.

It also provides all the functions which are present with the webOS as it is but the new features made the TV watching experience greater and more interesting. When combined with some other technologies like AI ThinQ, it provides some fantastic experience of sound effects, display effects, visual effects to the user to make their experience better.

Alpha 7 with a nano cell gives million of contents using its deep learning AI algorithm. Picture details, sound quality are really breathtaking.

DTS Virtual

It is a post-processing audio technology designed to create the special effect of an 11.1- channel surround-sound set up through a 5.1 or even a stereo set-up. Since the virtual surround, sound technology in the Award-winning Yamaha YAS-207 introduced it is tried to use the same technology in other parts of the devices. This system was introduced on TV by LG Electronics, which made the growth of its product a large extent. The technology named DTS virtual X is a more involving, pseudo-surround sound from their stereo speakers which makes a good sound from the speakers and made a significant impact of the video along with the audio effect.

Smart ThinQ

The Smart ThinQ mostly portrayed for making the home appliances more intelligent than you think and use them in previous times. The central aspect of this was to make more room for fun activities, thanks to intelligent technologies, connected home appliances that let you get everything done quickly and more efficiently than ever before.

Discovery of stunningly sleek, smart technology that will change the way you run your home, from the kitchen to the living room, to the laundry room, and more and can be controlled it all at your fingertips by a single remote.

AI ThinQ

It is the advanced version of the Smart ThinQ as it contains all the functions of the Smart ThinQ. AI ThinQ includes some other useful features which will provide a better experience for the user like unlocks the ability to control the TV and more, only by using your voice.

It connects with the google assistance option, which enables the more use of artificial intelligence facilities for the smart TV. AI technology works in a way similar to Alexa where you ask Alexa to perform various tasks at your commands. The most fantastic feature of analyzing the brightness of the room and adjusting the intensity of the picture itself makes the AI ThinQ as one of the most useful technologies of the till time.

Share and Control

This technology is the same as used in previous smart TV in which the user can extract the data from mobile to TV screen, which is really useful for them. But the new feature introduced this time is the connectivity of mobile with TV using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi without indulging with wire or data cables. The main feature of this is that after connecting the mobile with the TV, the user can fully control the mobile with TV only without using mobile. From taking calls to calling someone can be done with the help of TV only, and this is really helpful as of the new technologies introduced.


This feature is present in the LG smart TV, which unable user to perform the multi-task at the same time. You can watch a movie. At the same time, you can also use a web browser to search for the content you want to view or search. This technology is beneficial for the users as they can explore the data without missing the show on the same screen. It also provides access to google drive where users can store the data without any further disturbance of external device and store old video and memories which can later on.

Wireless Connectivity

This technology is provided to most of the smart TV which are introduced by the LG in which reduction of wires is most essential, and LG has given the Bluetooth connectivity option in the TV which provides the opportunity of connecting the Audio devices like a speaker, Home theatre. If any user wants to use the personalize feature, then it is also available in the LG TV as a user can connect the Bluetooth headphones with the TV to customize the sound experience.

Dolby Sound

Dolby Sound comprises a raft of technologies emerges of both analog and digital. In earlier times we had Dobly’s noise reduction technologies of type A, B, and C, which deals with the increase in the amplitude of higher frequencies along with this a filter is applied that helps in capturing the high- quality sound.

LG has introduced the Dolby Sound System to its vast number of TV. This technology uses a matrix-based surround system that has the iterations of Dolby Digital Audio and Dolby Digital 7.1. Dolby Atmos is the latest one in the market. It is the most advanced sound system used in the market, and it provides a 3D surround audio system to the user.

AI Acoustic Tuning gives fine tuning experience. This means that TV will sense the number of people in the room and deliver sound equally only to the persons, not to the empty spaces in the room. The same things happen when AI is applied to picture quality or viewing experience.

Smart AI Assistance

The smart assistance with the immense artificial intelligence was introduced in the market by Google and Alexa. The use of these smart assistants can be used in the number of platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It subsists a wide variety of tasks like it can help us with remainders, accessing the calendars, monitoring the weather, book the flight tickets, play music, games, and a lot more.

The LG now uses a Google Assistance and Alexa built-in it’s Smart TVs to gives the user to control their TV in a simple way. With the help of the intelligent voice control system and the Smart LG remote, it could help you to search shows, change the settings of the TV, and much more.

Full-Array Dimming

The LED light source is visible along the edges of the panel. When it comes to ravishing picture quality the Full Array Dimming comes into the picture. Whether we watch movies, shows, etc., the details we see in the picture quality is all because of the implementations of this technology.

The TV with the FAD technology consists of multiple zones throughout the display. It unleashes hundreds of distinctive LED’s which results in light levels from different zones where we see enhanced black levels along with the better shadow details and significantly less amount of color bleed.

Nano Cells

The LG uses the nano cell technology in TVs. It uses particles that absorb undesirable light wavelength, which enhances the purity of the colors of red and green displays.

Full array dimming gives you an intense contrast by controlling the backlight units pixels per pixels. It also minimizes the bleeding of pixels because of which display becomes more noticeable.

Nano Bezel adds a sophisticated ambiance to the viewing experience.

The Nano Cell Display technology supports premium HDR content which is mastered by the Dolby Vision and is compatible with the generic HDR 10 and HLG.

Airplay and Mobile Connection Overlay

The Airplay technology is used by the LG to provide ingenious features that make things much easier for the user to share the screen and display content between our external devices like PC, tablet, smartphone, and much more. If we want to connect it, there are multiple ways to do it, as it all depends on our network connectivity as well as the type of device we wish to share.

The LG introduced mobile connection overlay technology of the mobile connection overlay in numerous TV variants. With the help of this technology, the user could enable the customer to watch both the mobile and the TV simultaneously. It will also enable the customer to access the videos and photos directly from the cloud. This technology lets the customers share a smartphone screen with LG TV via Miracast.

Smart AI Technology

The LG has made Artificial Intelligence to make it TV line up smarter and more efficient and to provide an immense experience to the user. It has made its interactions in the picture, sound, brightness, and tuning. Let us get an overview of each of these.

AI Picture

The 2nd generation a9 processor recognizes the original quality content as well as optimizes the clarity and sharpness of the picture. Moreover, it delivers sharp pictures and dynamic image quality.

AI Sound

The intelligent processor a9 have the capability to analyze the audio source and to provide an optimum sound depending on the surrounding. It also helps in enhancing the best quality sound with the higher amplification, and also it mixes up 2.0nch sound to the virtual 5.1 surround sound.

AI Brightness

The a9 processor detects ambient light with the help of the light sensor, which automatically optimizes the brightness of the image to provide a bright and sharp picture in regard to the illuminance


When it comes to giving a discussion about the product of LG and especially about LG TV it is quite easy to provide a review. From beginning to till now, LG has made a great innovation and provided customers with the best products. As we know, every technology has its advantages and disadvantages as nothing is perfect in this world. So, the review of every product from the customers is very crucial as this will help the companies to analyze how the consumers well consume their product.

After we went through numerous reviews of the customers, we can see that the LG’s are very well with its products and have a greater number of positive reviews. Most of the models of LG like LG curved Smart TV, LG LED Smart TV 2019 Edition with Nano cell (55SM8100PTA) are best to use.


In a nutshell, Being one of the world’s most advanced TV provider, LG is best with its products available in the market and is making the life of the customers more comfortable.

All the model of LG is advanced with the time which purely indicates that LG has made a long way in its journey to provide an excellent product to the user whether it is expensive to buy some of its models. Still, every model is best in its range which makes it the sole winner in the competition.

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