In a competitive era where everyone is competing to deliver the best iFFalcon has made its mark in the world with its most affordable priced televisions. It was founded in 2017 as a subsidiary of TCL.

TCL introduced iffalcon in order to target the consumers who are worried about budget or basically the middle-class consumers. Today iffalcon is giving a tough competition to other television manufacturing brands present in the market.

The iffalcon televisions are best because it gives all the feature that other brands are offering at considerably higher prices. It is considered to be the cheapest and most advanced television brand globally. It provides us with the option of having a television set for just 15000 which is affordable by most of the masses. The company entered the global market with the vision of “Simple joy, Simple love”. And it had proved its vision by providing the most affordable and most advanced television buying options with iffalcon.

Technology Used

AI is an abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is nothing but it is an implementation of human intelligence into a machine. This is achieved by making the use of programming language to build software. This software makes our machine capable of learning from the environment just like we humans do. It took the technology to the next level where we can control our machines through gestures, voice, etc.

AI Picture Engine

This technology uses different algorithms to identify and recognize the different scenes from the program the user is watching. Then set the color, sharpness, saturation, and contrast automatically according to the scene. It gives a more vivid and realistic viewing experience to the viewers.

Earlier, these things were done manually by the viewer with the help of standard remote available with fewer manipulation options. Even the manipulation does not give the best result. But, now with this latest AI picture engine technology, the viewer is free from such botheration. They can enjoy watching their favorite programs at the best experience.

AI Brightness Control

With the latest technology of AI Brightness Control, the iFFALCON tv is capable of setting the best brightness according to the changing scene. With this latest technology, the viewer need not worry about the brightness of the screen while watching their favorite programs.

Earlier without this technology, the viewer is required to set the brightness manually using the tv remote. The reason being different channels and programs have different brightness production which is not always perfect for viewing. But today we are not required to do that as the iFFALCON manufacturers identified this issue. They have incorporated AI brightness control for a more vivid and detailed viewing experience.

These technology-powered televisions from iFFALCON does not cost too much. They are at an affordable price and you can get rid of your old manual television sets to enjoy the most advanced and best-viewing experience with family and friends.

AI Dynamic Picture Adjustment

The AI Dynamic picture Adjustment identifies the different scenes on the tv sets and automatically chooses the best view using the algorithm internally. It provides us with more detailing of the scene that we are viewing. It produces more detailed, clear, vivid and realistic pictures to give the best viewing experience to the viewer. The white dots in the image shows how the AI scans each pixel and highlight them to produce a realistic image of the scene.

It gives us the live-action to feel while watching different sports like cricket, hockey, football having AI Dynamic Picture adjustment. The AI Dynamic Picture Adjustment powered iFFALCON tv gives the stadium-like experience of watching your favorite sports at home.

AI Sound Technology

This technology uses AI to control the quality of sound produced by the television sets at a different volume level. With this technology, the user need not set the equalizers using the remote to have the best sound experience.

iFFALCON tv set has this technology which gives you the best sound ever.

This technology maintains the balanced frequency levels for different levels of the volumes. It filters the sound from distortion, noise, and echoes to give a crystal-clear sounding experience to the viewers. This automatically sets according to the type of program the viewer is viewing. It sets the sound automatically while you are viewing a movie or playing a song to produce the best possible outputs.

Sometimes in older tv sets, the volume rises while changing the channel or with the change of viewing programs. But, with AI Sound technology the viewer doesn’t have to face such issues. So, bring home the latest technology loaded iFFALCON to make life simple and lovely today.

Built-in Google Assistant

The iFFALCON comes loaded with Google Assistant that lets its user to easily control the tv using voice. Now, with google assistant, we can search the world wide web. Watch your favorite programs, music, know the latest news of what is happening around and view them with ease. Using google assistant we can make our tv to work on our instructions and commands.

The iFFALCON tv remote comes with the google assistant button using it we can use google assistant for communicating with the tv set. We can control our tv using google assistant using any of the languages out of a variety of languages available as google assistant can understand any languages. In the image, the button with three colorful dots is for using the google assistant on our iFFALCON tv.

Built-in Chromecast

This feature of the iFFAlCON tv lets us connect different capable devices like mobile phones with the tv set and enjoy the mobile-friendly content on the big sized tv screen. It gives us the best experience of viewing the old photos or recalling the old memory and enjoy them viewing on tv with our family and friends. Likely suppose you had somewhere and made a short video for memory then you can use Chromecast for viewing them on a sharable screen of your tv with your family and friends. With Chromecast, we can enjoy everything that we do previously on our mobiles. Now we can watch web-series, youtube videos and many more just by using Chromecast.


In order to understand better about UHD, we need to understand about 4K technology first. The 4K is a resolution technology that produces the best quality images using 3820 pixels horizontally and 2160 pixels vertically. It was launched very earlier but still may of our channels and video contents are not available in 4K technology and here comes the role UHD which is an abbreviation for Ultra High Definition. The UHD doubles the pixels present in normal resolution video contents to view it on the 4K resolution tv.

The HDR is an abbreviated form of High Dynamic Range. It is concerned with the best color production unlike UHD it is not concerned with the resolutions of the display. It identifies the dimmest side of the display and uses the metadata to balance the brightness throughout the display. The iFFALCON contains this technology to produce the best quality images for the best viewing experience to its users. The darker side in the image is the normal display the clearer side depicts the HDR display. The image depicts the difference between both of them.

Micro Dimming

The micro dimming technology scans the entire display and identifies the different dim areas. And, balances the brightness level of the entire display to improve the viewers viewing experience. It optimizes the backlighting to better pixel highlight and improves the video signal. It is the ultimate technology that enhances the viewing experience of iFFALCON viewers.

IPQ Engine

The IPQ Engine is a simple mobile app useful for ensuring better performance by the best tuning. For delivering the most efficient performance the IPQ Engine makes use of an algorithm that scans for the color inaccuracies and correct them. With IPQ Engine technology the tv calibration has been made easy which is not possible the earlier normal tv sets. And, now that we have the IPQ engine in iFFALCON tv both of these functions become easy. We can use a simple mobile app to calibrate our iFFALCON tv sets.

Dolby Audio

The Dolby Audio is a sound encoding and compression technology that started by the Dolby laboratories. It was invented to achieve the lossless quality of sound in minimum size available. It creates surround sound that gives us the real cinematic experience the same as the theatre in our homes. The technology gives the richer experience of sound by letting different speakers produce different sounds. It is also available in true high definition to produce the best quality sound that could be possible. The iFFALCON tv makes the use of most advanced Dolby Audio to ensure the best sounding experience for their consumers. So, bring home the most affordable Dolby Audio enabled iFFALCON tv to enjoy the best experience of watching your favorite shows, cinemas, and sports.

DTS technology

The iFFALCON uses the most advanced and latest DTS technology that can support 7.1 audio channel speakers that produce an amazing sound and realistic audio effects. It does not miss even a single bit and gives the best output sound using different speakers. Earlier tv sets or other brand does not have this technology and due to this reason, the iFFALCON stands uniquely in the market.

The iFFALCON uses the Harman Kardon speakers for producing loud and quality sound to let the viewers enjoy the unbelievable best sound experience. It adds the bass with a crisp treble to generate full sound with an excellent amount of depth to give you the best experience. So, with iFFALCON tv the consumers are not required to purchase a home theatre system as the name “Harman” is enough when it comes to the sound.

AI Interconnection

The iFFALCON tv comes with the most advanced and unique AI Interconnection technology that is capable of connecting with the different devices having the same technology. It allows us to connect the different smart home devices like smart bulbs, fans, and curtains in order to control the google assistant. Do not confuse over Chromecast and AI interconnection because both have different functionality and working. The AI interconnection used for controlling the different connected devices with your tv sets and on the other hand, the Chromecast for connecting devices for viewing contents on our tv display for a more detailed and enhanced viewing experience.

Bezel-less Display

The iFFALCON tv comes with the latest bezel-less display technology giving us the display with reduced borders compared with those older bulky tv sets. It increased the size of the display without increasing the overall size of the tv set. The display gives a better look and viewing experience to the consumers. It improved the design of the tv sets to a great extent. The iFFALCON tv brand uses this technology in order to manufacture stylish and slim looking beautiful tv for your well-furnished bedrooms and drawing rooms. It has made the tv design better by reducing the bezels around the tv display to negligible.

Up-Scaling Technology

The iFFALCON uses Up-scaling technology for producing sharper and crystal-clear images. Earlier due to the lack of upscaling technology the programs that are made in higher resolution cannot be viewed appropriately on our older tv display. But with iFFALCON tv, the lower quality programs are upscaled to give the best experience to the viewer.

The processor of the iFFALCON tv is programmed in such a manner that it performs upscaling to fit the desired pixel ratio by simply multiplying the pixels present in the program content to fit the display. Without upscaling if we are viewing an HD video or image content on a 4K display it creates a gap and leaves some pixels from being lighted up due to which blurry image is produced. But, iFFALCON overcomes this issue with upscaling in which the 1 HD pixels are blown up to take up the 4 pixels to produce sharper and clearer images.

The Review

From my research, I founded that iFFALCON tv is worth buying and a good option to consider if you are planning to have a tv in your house or workspace with all the latest technology. I have made an honest comparison of iFFALCON tv with other brand tv but found that it’s the best in every term considering the built quality, design, performance, powerful hardware, etc to gives us uninterrupted entertainment.

It has dedicated sports mode that gives the most unbelievable watching experience because of the enhanced sound and picture quality with all detailing so that a sports lover never misses even a single bit.

It comes with a T-cast android app that lets us control our tv using phones. It allows us to access the internet through our mobile hotspot and tones of different features. The iFFALCON tv comes with a comprehensive protection warranty which protects your tv more than a normal warranty after purchase.

It is my honest review of the iFFALCON tv brand based on the different customer reviews posted by the trusted buyers of different online shopping sites. I will suggest all the wise buyers to blindly go for iFFALCON tv it is the best in all aspects.


On the basis of different consumers, the iffalcon has developed the different categories of tv keeping in mind the demands and expectations of each and every section of the consumers. It has segregated its televisions into four categories. The F2 series, the H2A series, the K2A series, and the F2A series. It has made this segregation on the basis of sizes and prices. This means each series comes with sizes ranging between 32” to 75” and the price ranging from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 1,39,999. It also manufactures the most advanced satellite antennas to have an uninterrupted television viewing experience anywhere on the globe.

I will conclude by saying that why to buy any other brand tv when you can get more than that with iFFALCON at a very attractive and affordable price. Wise people consider a wise brand like the iFFALCON tv brand. It has entered the market with a vision of providing the most advanced affordable tv technology without compromising with the quality.

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