Refrigerators have been a part of our daily livelihood for a very long time now. Be it for parties or for our everyday needs, the refrigerator has now become a necessity rather than a luxury. With the increase in demand for refrigerators, manufacturers are compelled to innovate new and better refrigerators technologies for the customers, and without a doubt, they don’t disappoint.

Convertible Refrigerators

Nowadays, the most common type of refrigerator we see in households are multi-door refrigerators and at times, it’s hard to use the refrigerator in an optimized way. To tackle this problem, companies like ‘Whirlpool’, ‘Samsung’, ‘Haier’, offer “conversion technology”. Here, we can convert the fridge to a freezer or vice versa AND we can shut down either of the compartments completely.

Convertible refrigerators include various convertible options which are as follows :

NORMAL MODE As the name suggests, this is the basic model where the upper compartment is used as the freezer and the lower bottom compartment is used for normal refrigeration.

SEASONAL MODEThis mode allows you to shut down the freezer compartment without affecting the functioning of normal refrigeration. This is useful when there aren’t any items for freezing.

VACATION MODEA refrigerator takes up a lot of electricity in order to function and when the owner goes out of home for a vacation or something similar, no one uses the refrigerator but it still keeps running and eats up a chunk of electricity. To battle this, inventors came up with the ‘Vacation Mode’ option. In this mode, you are allowed to shut down the refrigerator compartment and keep the freezer compartment working.

EXTRA FRIDGE MODEThis mode allows the user to convert the freezer compartment into a fridge. Finally, the extra vegetable space we always craved!

HOME ALONE MODE  In this mode, you can convert your freezer compartment into a mini-fridge to keep the perishable items while shutting down your refrigerator compartment.

The Samsung 253 L provides ‘convert freezer’ technology which allows you to convert the freezer into a fridge and provide upto 88 litres of extra fridge space.

360 Degree Airflow+Dual Fan

The cooling technologies have noticeably improved over the past few years and better innovations are always on their way. The 360 Degree airflow allows even distribution of cool air through the planned system of cooling vents so that there’s no discrepancy in cooling.

Modern refrigerators from Haier offer its customers 360-degree airflow for even and multi-directional cooling which allows the cool air to flow throughout the refrigerator and all-around in multi-directions which keeps the contents inside the fridge fresh for a long time.

Like Haier provides 360 degree airflow, Whirlpool offers its customers with 3D Airflow with strategically placed cooling vent and here’s the bonus- it allows the user to determine the direction of air flow!

Modern Refrigerators also offer an upper called ice beam door which helps in keeping the temperature even throughout the fridge. LG is one the best brands to look at if you’re out there searching for an ice-beamed refrigerator and this also means, you’ll not find frost in your fridge.

Brands like Hitachi and Godrej offers Dual Fan technology which works together in cooling both- the fridge and the freezer. This is an energy-saving option with a higher power as a single fan refrigerators cool both the compartments with just one jet fan while with a Dual Fan, the pressure is lesser. Hitachi Dual Jet Refrigerators are a boon for hot places ( India ) as it can optimally cool even at a temperature of 60c.

Cooling Gel And Wall- Blackout Warrior

Power cuts, load shedding, blackouts are very common in India, and in this modern world, long term blackouts are very dangerous for refrigerators. First off, it will spoil the food which requires refrigeration, and secondly, it damages the refrigeration system due to voltage fluctuations. Brands like Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej have the system of cooling gels which releases as gas throughout the fridge which, during power cuts, keeps the interior cool for a few hours.

The first company to offer a similar technology was Samsung called CoolWall. It is a supplement of cooling gel and keeps the food and the interiors fresh for up to 12 hours post power cut.

Godrej offers a cool gel technology called StayCool which keeps the food fresh after power cuts and it also extends to the freezer which means that you can ice up yourself even after a few hours without electricity.

Whirlpool offers an insulated-capillary technology which engulfs the capillary with ice cold gas which allows the freezer to go as low as -26 degrees during a power cut to battle the effects of the same.

Readjustable And Substantial Interiors

Modern Refrigerators nowadays have a lot of customizable styles for flexible storage which include- chillers, wine holders, crispers( bottom-most part to keep vegetables), bottle racks, etc.

Whirlpool provides various types of crisper designs :

  • Sort Crisper- This is a mini crisper within the main crisper used to sort the stored stuff.
  • Trizone Crisper- This is a three-way sort crisper which is used to sort vegetables according to moisture requirement and to prevent odor mixture.
  • Twin Seal Crisper- Crisper to allocate space for vegetables and fruits.

Vegetable crispers attached in the new Haier Models are almost about 50% larger than usual which means that you can store more contents in the fridge without worrying about “extra”. Plus, this vegetable crisper is entwined with the 90° contour design which makes it easy to take it out even if there is little space. This is a rejoice moment fr people who want to keep the refrigerator in place with a little space.

Samsung’s new range of refrigerators offers a space of extra 35% in the main crisper which means that you can store all those extra vegetables and fruits inside a properly allocated space rather than on top of the random utensils! Relatable?

Digital Inverter Compressor

One of the most important parts of a refrigerator is the compressor. It is used to compress the refrigerant which then goes to the condenser and is cooled. The refrigerant then moves up to the expansion valve and is taken up by the compressor once more. The refrigerant must be compressed according to the saturation level which is present in the air or water.

Digital Inverter Compressor is used to compress the refrigerant which is released as cold gas through the air vents. These compressors save electricity while keeping the contents of the fridge fresh for quite some time. This is possible only because Digital Inverter Compressors have adjustable speed dials that allow the user to set the speed of the compressor according to their requirements. If you own a modern LG refrigerator, you already have a Digital Inverter Compressor.

Samsung has 7 levels of adjustable speeds to match your cooling requirements. You can manually change the speed to lower or higher cooling efficiency. Hence, you can lower the speed when you don’t need it much and increase it when you require. Savings is in your hands, dear buyer.

Digital Inverter Technology. While saving your electricity bill, this preserves and keeps your fresh for quite some time. This means that you can have more power at less energy!

LG uses the Linear Compressor which saves at least 32% electricity. The user can adjust the cooling efficiency according to the contents of the fridge. Instead of using a reciprocal drive, this compressor uses a piston-type drive which helps in conserving a lot of energy and provide an optional solution.

LG Linear Inverter Compressor Refrigerator

The Linear Compressor is a type of Gas Compressor where the piston travels in a straight smooth direction which leads to a reduction in friction and saves electricity during motion conversion. The main principle of operation is compression and it has electromagnet which attracts the piston plates.

We live in a world where optimal solutions for electronics are a trend. Apart from Linear and Digital Compressors, there are many more advanced compressors that save energy. But goes a bit heavy on the wallet.

RECIPROCATING COMPRESSOR- These compressors are largely used in refrigeration systems all over the world. And are the pretty impressive optimal solutions as they have piston and cylinder type automotive engines. The three types of Reciprocating Compressors – Hermetically Sealed, Semi Hermetically Sealed & Open Type

SCREW COMPRESSOR- This compressor includes two meshing screws in between which the compression of the refrigerant occurs. Even the gas quantity is less, it can compress at high pressure and takes up less electricity. Example: Refrigerant R12 and R22.

CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR- Used in refrigeration which has a large gas release level but a low condensing pressure. A Centrifugal Compressor can be used with refrigerants like R11 or R113 which has low condensing pressure. (Lower Models of LG and Samsung).

SCROLL COMPRESSOR- This compressor consists of two entangled tubes. One fixed while the other one keeps on rotating. When the compressor is in motion, there are spaces created in between the attached tubes in which compression of the refrigerant takes place. There are various shapes of Scroll compressors which include, Archimedean, Spiral, or Hybrid.

ROTARY COMPRESSOR-  These compressors have two gear like rotating objects between which the refrigerant compresses. The Rotary Compressors can adjust to a lower pressure to compress small quantities of gas and use less pressure.

Door Cooling, Multi Air Flow

Door Cooling or Ice Beam Cooling is a type of technology that looks over the uniform cooling of the interiors of a refrigerator. The Air vents are placed in such a way that a linear and uniform cooling takes place. LG has ‘Door Cooling+’ which cools the fridge at least 35% faster than usual. 

Multi Air Flow is a feature present in refrigeration systems that allow all the compartments of the fridge to cool at the same time. In this setup, there are mini air vents attached in every shelf of the fridge which helps in keeping a uniform temperature throughout the fridge. Since all the compartments have an even temperature, the food stays preserved for a longer time. New models of Samsung come fitted with this technology.

Auto Smart Connect, Stabilizer Free

This is a modern technology that allows you to connect the refrigerator to the household inverter. The refrigerator will automatically connect to the home inverter every time the power goes out and function without manual control. This technology is found in the new LG and Bosch Models. As innovative as it is, it does go a bit hard on your wallet. 

Moist N fresh

The moist n fresh technology is basically a type of hard drawer which is placed inside the fridge, usually at the bottom. It is used to keep uncovered food and edibles fresh for a long period of time. This is possible by keeping the humidity level at an acceptable level inside Moist’N’fresh compartment. This is mostly useful for storing green leafy vegetables which are usually prone to quick contamination.

Fresh Cool

Fresh Cooling is a technology where air or water is taken in from the outside environment and is filtered. After filtration, it compresses and cools down. Fresh cool is used in a closed environment to cool down the temperature for comfort. Or inside closed machinery to reduce the heat of electronic movements. Fresh Cool Technology is used in various water and air purifiers from brands such as Voltas and Blue Star. 

Movable Ice Maker, Auto Defrost Technology

Samsung models are fitted with a movable ice maker. It allows you to remove the whole ice maker in the freezer or move it according to your special requirement. It also is 20% bigger than a usual ice tray and so you can store more ice during summers! 

Auto defrost technology is fitted in the new models of Samsung, Bosch, Whirlpool, and Godrej. It allows the frost to build up in the fridge to get melted by a small heater that is attached at the bottom of the refrigerator. The melted frost then gets stored in a holding cabinet which then gets evaporated.

6th Sense Intellifresh Technology

This is an advanced refrigeration technology. The fridge automatically sets its interior temperature according to the type of food stored in it. Since it runs on a Linear inverter compressor, the power usage is also much less.  Whirlpool offers a ‘6th sense technology’ which keeps the food fresh by automatically changing the fridge temperature.

Plasma Inverter Compressor

A plasma inverter compressor is one that is fitted with IntelliSense technology. It allows setting the speed of compression automatically according to the refrigerant pressure. The compressor rod has a coating of plasma which increases it’s durability and makes it last for 25 years. The new range of Whirlpool Refrigerators comes with the Plasma Inverter Compressor.  

Auto-connect Home Inverter, Stabilizer free operation

Modern Smart connect refrigerators can connect to your home inverter for power now! As soon as the power goes out, your refrigerator gets connected to the home inverter and draws power from it. So, you don’t have to worry about the food in your fridge even during the longest of power cuts. Smart Connect brands such as LG and Godrej have this inbuilt advantage.

A stabilizer is what keeps the energy release stable and uniform. But at times, due to voltage issues, fluctuations in power occur. A Stabilizer Free operation of a refrigeration system is to make sure that the customer does not buy an extra stabilizer for the refrigerator. And it’s possible with the presence of a few quality compressors, namely, Digital, Linear and Smart Compressors. A stabilizer free refrigerator not only takes up less energy but also keeps away electrical fluctuation. It is a win on both sides.

Insulated Capillary Technology

Every refrigerator consists of capillaries that lends out the refrigerant into the freezer but when the door opens, it slowly loses its ability. That’s not the case with the ‘insulated capillary technology’ which releases a very cold gas. The gas, in turn, engulfs the capillary and decrease the temperature to up to -26 degree. It manages to retain a freezing temperature in the freezer for up to 12 hours post power cut.

Dual Humidity

Dual Humidity technology in a refrigerator allows the fridge to maintain the level of humidity inside the fridge. Hence, keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh for quite some time. Refrigerators fitted with the dual humidity technology also reduces the fruit and vegetable odor away. (Godrej, LG)

Variable Speed Compressor

Refrigerators connected to the home inverters are usually fitted with Variable Speed Compressors. It takes up energy from the inverter to speed up or slow down the speed of gas compression according to the user’s requirement. A Variable speed compressor works at a fixed voltage which in turn, saves up a lot of energy.  Samsung usually fits their Refrigerators with this technology.

Home Inverter, Anti Bee Technology

A home inverter is one that provides power from an external source, usually a battery.  Whenever there is a power cut, the house pulls power from the home inverter. Recently, the refrigerator is also individually able to pull power from the inverter during power cuts.

Bees and insects are a huge menace in this modern world. The anti bee technology sends out a range of ultrasonic sound waves that are inaudible to the human ears. But it’s frequencies are harmful to insects to survive. Hence, it keeps away small insects from infiltrating the surroundings.

Now, Which Refrigerator Should You Buy?

If you’re going for a refrigerator that gives you a really dense cooling luxury then the brand is ‘Haier’. Their Digital Piston compressor gives you a high range of power while taking up less electricity. But if you have a habit of always buying extra veggies and then run out of space, the brand to go for – Samsung and LG. They have an abundant amount of interior space with modern interior designs. It gives you the freedom to store more items in their crispers which are at least 32 times bigger than usual. If you are a person who doesn’t stay home much and you’re worried your fridge will consume electricity. The ones to go for are convertible refrigerators and Samsung and Haier are the kingpins of the same.

On the other hand, if you’re a homely person but still want to save energy, LG is the right choice. Their Linear Compressor is very lenient in saving electricity and hence, it will give you more power at less cost.

But, Savings?

If you’re going for a high-end convertible refrigerator, the one to go for is Samsung 324 L3 Star Inverter Double Door.

If you want the quality but save a little, my opinion would be The Whirlpool 265 L4 Frost Free.

360 Degree Refrigerator? Okay!. If you intend to save up some money then the one to go for would be The Haier 320 L 3 Double Door Refrigerator. But if you can afford higher digits then the one to go for is LG 420 L 4 Frost Free Refrigerator.


I hope that the information has given you a good insight into which refrigerator is best for which function. Samsung and LG Refrigerators are on the top of the chain in the current refrigeration industry. But there are brands that are better in their way. Haier Refrigerators are the best for 360 Degree cooling while Whirlpool is best in energy saving. It’s up to you which function you think you require and make your choice.

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