Best Induction Cooktop available in India

Food is one of the basic necessary necessity in a man’s life. In ancient times, food was eaten raw. Early human beings discovered the fire and things became easy for them.

Evolution took place and cooking methods evolved, from fire to gas stoves and now automatic induction cooktops. Microwave ovens are real game-changer.

The induction cooktop completely works on the principle of a magnetic field that helps in cooking without burning the natural resource. Electric current is circulated inside the induction for generating the magnetic field, which in turn warms the surface of the induction.

Induction cooktops come in safety features for the betterment of life. I have listed out some of the important uses of cooktops and for whom it gives a full necessity of utilization. 

If you are looking for the best cooktop induction to buy. Congratulations!. You are in the right place for guidance to choose your Brand new Induction Cooktop. This content is completely based upon selecting your own style cooktops. 

Below I have mentioned the top 9 best selling induction. Let’s jump into the topic. 

9 Best Induction Cooktop In India

Pigeon Favourite IC 1800 W Induction Cooktop


Most trending induction cooktops. 

Easily portable cooktops with single Element and 7 menus inbuilt. 

Bigger heating element is a wow factor here in this Cooktop. 

It’s has a push-button control. 

Crystal finish body material. 

It’s a single Element Induction cooktop. 

Power consumption of this is 1800 W with power output 230 V and Frequency 50 Hz. 

The color is available in Black.

Dimensions of 88 mm in-breath and 310 mm in length. 

Warranty for one year. 

It’s best for people who are bachelor and college students living in a hostel or in a rental flat.

Prestige PIC 20 1200 watt Induction cooktop with push-button


It’s a single Element Induction cooktop.

This has a unique feature anti-magnetic wall means that prevents the entry of a high amount of magnetic energy.

It has an automatic voltage regulator. 

Power consumption is 1200 W and power output is 230 V.

Inbuilt Power saver technology.

Warranty for one year.

It’s best for people who are bachelor and college students living in a hostel or in a rental flat.

This one looks similar to a weighing machine.

Philips Viva Collection HD 4928/01 2100 watt Induction cooktop


It comes with sensor touch. Material is plastic with a glass sensor.

It’s a single Element Induction cooktop. 

Color available in Black. 

Power consumption is about 2100 W.

This comes with the inbuilt menu.

The 24 hours preset timer function allows for a delay cooking. 

Operating voltage is 220 – 240 V. Auto off option gives you a safe cooking. 

Warranty valid for a year.

Singer SIK 7US VDE Induction Cooktop


It is a crystal glass worktop,  single Element Induction cooktop. 

Automatic shut off and cool touch options are special features. 

It has a 7 auto cook menus inbuilt with a digital timer. 

The color that the company offers is black. 

The power consumption is 1400 W and power input AC 230 V. 

One year warranty. 

Usher IC 3616 Induction Cooktop


Trending induction cooktop in the market.

It is a single Element Induction cooktop.

The worktop material is plastic.

The color available is black. 

Power consumption is 1600 W. 

It has a control push-button and an automatic shut off option.

Warranty for about a year.

Pigeon Rapido slim Induction cooktop


It comes in black color with a worktop in copper. 

The body of this cooktop is slim and it can be easily portable single person usage. 

The body material is of glass.

The control button is a push-button. 

The power consumption of 1800 W and power input of 220 to 240 V.

The frequency ranges from 50 to 60 Hz.  

One-year warranty dot any manufacturing defects. 

iBELL IBL CLOUD 850 Y Induction cooktop


It has an automatic voltage regulator. 

Inbuilt power-saving technology.

The worktop of this Induction is glass.

The body material is steel.  

The power wattage of 2000 W and power input is 220 – 250 V. 

Special features of automatic off and cool touch. 

Warranty for one year. 

Made for single person usage like bachelor or people who stay in hostels.

Flipkart Smart Buy Induction Cooktop


Faster cooking, Energy efficient, LED Indicator, per menu set up for better cooking, Automatic shut off for safety, overheat protection and pan detection. 

This one can be well utilized in any type of kitchen.

Worktop material is glass available in black color. 

Power consumption of 1800 W with power input of 230 V AC and frequency ranging from 50 Hz.

One year limited domestic Brand Warranty. 

Specially made for single person usage making it best for bachelors.

Quba C140 500 Watt Commercial Induction Cooktop


Economic commercial induction cooker for restaurants and hotels.

Made up of stainless steel with worktop material in crystal. 

The available color is silver only. 

It has a digital timer control with an LED display. 

Power consumption of 5000W and power input ranging from 220 – 240 V. 

Heavy-duty rust-proof of 304-grade body as bass. It has a Dual IGBT circuit and dual fans for longer life. 

Six months of manufacturer’s warranty.

Types of cooktop inductions in the market

There are various types of Induction cooktops for the needs and requirements of different customers. Each and every type of indication cooktop have different kinds of features. They tend to give the best cooking experience and comfort making the cooking process fast and automatic. 

Induction Cooktops can be divided into 5 major types

  • Single Element Induction cooktop
  • Multi-Element Induction cooktop 
  • Built-in Induction cooktop 
  • Freestanding countertop Induction 
  • Commercial induction cooktop 

Let’s see the uses of these cooktops and for whom it will give the best experience.

Single Heating Element Induction cooktop

  1. As the name, says it has a single cooking area. Only one dish can be prepared at a time.
  2. This single heating Element Induction cooktop is useful for customers who go on tripping. 
  3. Best product for students living in hostels, college students, bachelors.
  4. This is a portable induction cooktop that can be carried around easily. 
  5. The cost of a single heating Element Induction cooktop is lesser than other induction cooktops. 
  6. Preferred cooktops are Prestige PIC 20 Induction Cooktop, Philips Viva Collection HD 4938/01 Induction Cooktop.

Multi Heating Element Induction cooktop 

  1. Suitable for a family of two, couples who are planning to buy an Induction cooktop can go for this. 
  2. This allows you to cook multiple dishes at the same time. This cooktop has two options of completely using it in gas or electricity. 
  3. This cooktop is not good for tripping purposes.
  4. It is comparatively expensive to single heating induction cooktops. 
  5. They take in maximum voltage supply of 1800W and operate at 120 V. 
  6. Preferred multi Element Induction Cooktop is True Induction Double burner energy efficient. 

Built-in induction cooktops 

  1. Built-in induction is completely wholesome of induction. A pretty preferred induction cooktops for a classic kitchen. 
  2. The cooktop units differ from product to product, you can choose the number of units best for your home.
  3. The cost of this is pretty high and requires installation.
  4. It’s a perfect cooktop for small families.
  5. Power consumption goes up to 3600 W and is operated at 220V.
  6. The preferred built-in induction cooktop is prestige 4 zone induction cooktops. 

Freestanding countertop induction 

  1. Freestanding countertop Induction is completely portable suitable for all the purposes of cooking.
  2. Do not require any installation.
  3. This can be used in restaurants and outside camping too. Cooktek MC 3599 208 to 240 V single burner freestanding induction cooktops with power consumption of 3500 watts. 

Commercial Induction 

  1. As the name suggests it’s commonly used for commercial purposes. 
  2. This has many safety measures installed for better performance. 
  3. This product is commonly preferred for commercial sectors like Hotels, canteens, and Restaurants.
  4. The preferred commercial cooktop is MAIDACHU MDC 3500 watt commercial induction cooktop burner hot plate. 

Pros Of Induction Cooktop

Cooktop inductions are eco-friendly. Considering the issue of global warming, Cooktop inductions would be the smart way of replacing gas and electric stoves. 

Cost-efficient and low current intake. Induction Cooktop is at an affordable price for all the groups of people. Low current intake (the principle of electromagnetic field) helps you to save electricity.

The induction cooktop helps you to cook food in a shorter duration and in a smarter way. The time required for cooking is far much lesser.

No heat No radiation. This helps you to cook when the AC or the fan is on. 

Super easy to clean the burner and surrounding area. 

Used to manage the accurate temperature, the higher and lower temperatures can be shifted in seconds. 

Cooking on a gas stove would produce stains in the cooking vessels and in the surrounding area. That will require a lot of time in cleaning and maintaining. 

Induction cooktops do not require much installation while a traditional gas stove does. For which you have to change the gas cylinder with much care and security.

Even if you cook for a long duration of time in induction cooktops they do not get heated fast compared to other conventional burners. 

Sensors are present to detect any ornaments worn. Commonly when you cook on other conventional burners the ornaments get heated pretty fast and the color may also change. This complaint is prevented in the case of Induction Cooktop.

The auto power-off option plays an important role in safety measures. 

The induction cooktop also comes with the inbuilt menu that helps you to cook the food without you standing there and cooking.

Cons Of Induction Cooktop

The stove work only on the supply of current. If you are in a place without a full electricity supply this might not be the best option for you. 

The Induction Cooktop works only with the vessels that are made of magnetic material. 

Materials like aluminum, copper, glass should be avoided in the Induction Cooktop.

Looking into Induction Cooktop’s advantages and disadvantages you would have got an idea for choosing the best cooktop. For safety, induction cooktops are the best. One time investment provides you a lifetime assurance of safety to your family.

How to clean your induction cooktop

Cleaning the cooktop is simple that requires only three steps

  • Never clean the cooktops while they are hot. Use a damp sponge to clear out the spills.
  • Use the cooktop cleaner and clean it with the help of tissue paper.
  • At last, just wipe the area with a dry cloth. 

In case of a tough stain use ceramic cooktop cleaner or use undiluted white vinegar. In the case of a glass-ceramic worktop prefer a glass-ceramic cooktop cleaner. If you have a stainless steel worktop then prefer non-abrasive cleaner like soapy water as simple. 

The cooktop cleaners that are strictly no for the induction cooktops are

  1. Powder cleaner 
  2. Scrubs 
  3. Dishwashing soaps
  4. Detergents 
  5. Flammable substance 
  6. Metal containing cleaning agent.

Safety precautions

  1. Don’t per heat induction cooktops, induction cooktops do not require pre-heating.
  2. Do not use the cooktop before installation until it has been properly installed by a qualified specialist. 
  3. Do not change or alter the appliance.
  4. Don’t Remove any of the labels on the cooktop.
  5. Do not use extension wires for cooktops.
  6. Switch off the appliance after use.
  7. Precautions should be taken while cooking with oil and grease.
  8. A hot cooktop should not be touched with bare hands.
  9. Metallic objects such as plates, spoons, and lids should not be placed over the cooktops.
  10. Objects like credit cards and calculators that consist of magnetic energy should not be placed near while cooking. 

Wrap Up

Multi Heating Induction Cooktops are very rare in India because manufacturing companies haven’t made them available.

Be safe, Be happy.

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