I have cooked many meals myself, not on the same gas stove but on many as I often travel around cities and countries exploring technologies and wonders. 

Choosing a gas stove is not a hectic task rather it’s an easy one. You have to set your mind on certain things which I have explained in this post. People ask so many questions about the working, brands, and differences about the certain gas stove.

Yes, those questions exist. Important note: while buying a new LPG connection, you need to show the bill of the gas stove to reflect that your stove is ISI certified. This step will also lead to a reduction in the cost of the new connection.

The gas stove is an essential part of cooking, the right amount of flame without any hindrance ensures a great cooking experience and tasty food for everyone. 

I have some points to explain before I suggest the best gas stove in the market, but if you already about the types of gas stoves and what type of burner to consider, jump over to the recommendations using the table of content.

Without any further due, let’s get on with it.

Table of Contents

Best Gas Stove Brand In India





Amazon brand

Since make in India project was planned many brands are coming up with quality at an unbeatable price.

Top 5 Best Gas Stove In India

Butterfly Rapid Glass Manual Gas Stove  (3 Burners)


The manual gas stove is favorable for simple use

Tri pin burner

Warranty of 1 year

Glass body for a modern look

Pigeon Ultra Glass, Stainless Steel Manual Gas Stove  (3 Burners)


High powered brass burner

Best deal under 2500

Warranty of 2 years

Glass body with stainless steel

The style of knobs is very elegant

Flame distribution is even

Pigeon Brunet Glass, Stainless Steel Manual Gas Stove  (2 Burners)


Stainless steel and glass body

Brunet glass means a glass with a matt finish

Polymer legs are skid resistance

Warranty of 2 years

Prestige Marvel Glass Top Gas Table GTM 02 Glass, Steel Manual Gas Stove  (2 Burners)


Shatterproof glass top

Consume less countertop space

Tri pin burner for faster cooking

Optimum space between both the burners to accommodate large utensils.

Warranty of 2 years

Lifelong LLGS118 Glass Manual Gas Stove  (2 Burners)


Forged brass burner

Only available in 2 burners

Knobs are made of nylon with an elegant design

The glass top can withstand high temperatures

Warranty of 2 years

Top Built-in Hob Gas Stove 

Prestige HobTop Glass, Aluminium Automatic Gas Stove  (2 Burners)


This automatic gas stove is very much suitable for working moms or people who cook

Uses toughened glass – safe to use

Sabaf burner

Support for utensils is made of cast iron

Warranty of 2 years

Sunflame CT HOB Glass, Stainless Steel Manual Gas Stove  (3 Burners)


It has a brass burner

This one is a manual gas stove

Suitable for a family of 4

Sunflame aftersale service is provided

It comes with a warranty of 2 years

Elica FLEXI HCT 470 DX LOTUS BK Hob Stainless Steel Automatic Gas Stove  (4 Burners)


Though it is a 4 burner gas stove, its dimension is in such a way that it does not take much space in the kitchen

Warranty of 2 years and 5 years on glass

Lotus burner – only found in hob gas stoves

Top Glass Top Gas Stove

Butterfly Rapid Glass Manual Gas Stove  (2 Burners)


Tri burner Manual gas stove

Glass top material with Heat-efficient Brass Burners 

Easy-to-use Smart Lock Pan

With the feature of stainless steel tray the chances of rusting become negligible

Amazon Brand – Solimo 2 Burner Gas Stove (Glass Top, ISI Certified)


Its Glass top can withstand high temperatures making it durable and long-lasting

Super easy to clean due to its spillproof glass 

It comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Prestige Deluxe Glass, Stainless Steel Manual Gas Stove  (2 Burners)


Glass topped with stainless steel trivet 

2 year warranty

Tri Pin  brass Burners

Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove, Black


Automatic Gas Stove

Makes cooking safer with the features like a multi-spark ignition system and SABAF gas valves

2 years warranty on all products

Elica 703 Ct Vetro Blk Glass, Steel Manual Gas Stove  (3 Burners)


A simple, elegant black glass coated gas stove gives your kitchen a modern look

2 years warranty

Overall value for money product

Prestige Marvel GTM 03 Glass, Steel Manual Gas Stove  (3 Burners)


Toughened Shatter Proof Black-Glass Top

Due to its compact design, it uses less countertop space

2 years warranty on full product

Elica Patio Ict 773 Org Glass Manual Gas Stove  (3 Burners)


Equipped with the auto-ignition feature

It also has water resistance, anti-spillage, and rust-free features.

Its modern look enhances your kitchen’s aura

2 Years warranty on Comprehensive and 7 Years on Glass

Prestige Marvel Plus Glass, Stainless Steel Manual Gas Stove  (4 Burners)


Manual gas stove with glass top

High-Efficiency Brass Burner

2 Years warranty

Prestige Deluxe Glass, Stainless Steel Manual Gas Stove  (4 Burners)


Schott Glass makes this gas stove sturdy and stylish. It is also easy to clean and maintain

Square shaped manual gas stove with tri-pin burners

2 years warranty on the product

Prestige Royale Plus – Duplex Glass, Aluminium Manual Gas Stove  (4 Burners)


Comes with Auto-ignition and easy to clean feature

Scratch-resistant glass body

manual gas stove with tri-pin burners and 4 brass burners

Square shaped with round corners

2 years warranty on the product

Top Stainless Steel Gas Stove

Not recommended just for consideration purpose

Sunflame shakti ss Stainless Steel Manual Gas Stove  (2 Burners)


SAFELINE Stainless Steel Manual Gas Stove  (3 Burners)


GLEN 1044 SS BB ISI Certified 4 Burner Stainless Steel Manual Gas Stove  (4 Burners)


Types of gas stoves


The steel deal is kind of outdated with glass and marble-finished cooktop taking over. There are more cons to steel gas stoves than their pros. 

They are worst when it comes to cleaning them and at the same price, a marble-finished gas stove is a better option. In the modern kitchen, the steel gas stove looks sore.

The only cons they have is they are cheap and affordable for students living in rented flats.


Glass top gas stoves come in various designs to choose from. They can be glossy to matt means mute colors. 

Glass top gas stove has two variations, the first is whole glass and the second is partial glass meaning glass on top while steel on the front where the flame adjuster is present.


Marble gas stove is in trend in India. They are easy to clean and spill-proof. Marble stove goes best with a modern kitchen. Marble top gas stove is hard to find online as they are generally supplied on-demand.

Gas stove burner

Brass Burner

It is the material used in the manufacturing of the burner of the gas stove. Brass is resistant to want and has high efficiency. 

In India, a gas stove having 2,3, or 4 burners is available both online and offline.

Sabaf burner

Sabaf provides uniform heating which leads to the consumption of lesser gas and more efficient heating. They are ideal for cooking Indian dishes. Round in shape with perfect alignment of pores.

Parameters to consider

Are you living alone/a student or a homemaker?

Induction cooktops work best for students and people who are in the field where they have to shift to new cities like I do every few years.

Gas stoves giving more control to a person fits the needs of a homemaker.

The induction cooktop is more economical to use than a gas stove. You might want to get an LPG connection if you have a home/apartment of your own.

ISI certification is a must-check to ensure that the gas stove is secure and safe to use.

Questions from the web

What is the difference between a gas hob and a gas stove?

The gas hob is built -in a gas stove. They are designed to fit on the kitchen countertop. Built-in hobs are much easier to use compared to gas stoves because you do not have to use a lighter as a gas hob has a pulse ignition system. 
You have the option to control the level of flame and they can automatically turn off the gas supply when the flame on the burner goes off.

Should I choose a stainless steel or glass gas stove?

Always go for a glass gas stove as they are sleek in design and much cooler than stainless steel gas stoves.
If you are a student buy a stainless steel gas stove as they are readily available in one burner option otherwise go for a glass or marble gas stove.
Also now you can buy marble/ glass gas stove under the range of 1500 and steel gas stove with two-burner also ranges between 1400-1500. So it’s better to go for a glass top since it’s sleek, in fashion, and nonetheless stylish.

Which is better, an Induction cooktop or gas stove?

This also depends on the cooking needs and the person who is using the gas stove. To a homemaker I suggest a gas stove with built-in hobs for more control and to a shifter, I would suggest an Induction cooktop.

Can we use induction utensils on a gas stove?

Yes, utensils made for induction cooktops like induction cookers can be used on a gas stove but vice versa is not true. Utensils made for gas stoves can’t be used on the induction cooktop.


Check the details thoroughly before making any purchase whether it is online or from your local shop. I go for online purchase as it comes directly from the seller and replacement is always an option.

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