Whirlpool Washing Machine in India Review 2020

In today’s world of hustle and commitment, people are falling short of time to fulfill their every other need. They rather seek for automated solutions than manually investing their time and stamina; nevertheless, technologies are also advancing with the changing requirements of the cosmopolitan. However, keeping up with all the daily grind along with a busy schedule can totally be an arduous challenge. If you are unbeknownst of an ideal technology to guide you with this predicament.

As far as the mundane activities are concerned, one of the most significant aspects is to keep your laundry spick and span. In today’s fast-paced conduct, the worldly has acknowledged the extremity of automation. However, numerous brands in India have the potency of launching worthy washing machines. Still, Whirlpool is one of the most promising and trusted brands for ages when it comes to laundry-cleaning.

Whirlpool washing machines are designed for you to soothe daily chaotic life if you are always tied up. Whirlpool launches a wide range of washing machines every year, acknowledging the customers’ requirements and affordability. The brand offers you outright washing facilities with 6th sense benefits. These washing machines are available in manifold variations, such as semi-automatic, fully automatic (top load), fully automatic (front load), and fully automatic (360° machines).

Technologies used – Whirlpool Washing Machine

Hotmatic technology

Hotmatic technology is powered by Intelli sensors and microprocessors. They are responsible for checking water temperature and analyzing load inside the washing machine for different types of fabric. Thereby, delivering a flawless and super-clean performance. This technology can withstand and remove up to 99% of allergens and germs. It is efficient in removing dirt and stains that are long lasted.

This technology is smart enough to sense the load of the clothes inside the machine and demands detergent usage accordingly. From sensing the laundry load to indicating low voltage and water conditions, this technology is super friendly to the user. It promises to keep up with all the automation that the user requires. The technology is adapted in such a way that it can withstand 50* resistant strains, making sure to deliver a cutting-edge cleaning performance to you.

Steamcare technology

The steam care technology by Whirlpool prevents the invasion of bacteria and any sort of odor formation inside your unwashed clothes. You can conveniently keep your clothes inside the washing machine even before 2-3 hours of the wash cycle. You can totally rely on steam care technology by Whirlpool. It keeps throwing steam in the drum at regular intervals even before hours of your wash cycle. Hence, this technology delivers you utterly clean and fresh clothes, even if they are left in the machine for a particular period of time. In the case of babies, this technology proves to be most advantageous as it blocks the intrusion of allergens and bacteria in their clothes.

This technology lets the drum move gently and slowly in the presence of the cleaning power off steam to prevent the occurrence of concentrated folds in the clothes. The technology is packed with a 6th sense soft move, which features the drum movement on the basis of different types of fabrics that are kept to be washed. Also, it safeguards the equal level of tidying to all kinds of fabrics, such as pieces of denim, cotton, woolen, and so on. You just need to switch as per the quality of the material. The steam care technology drops out entirely allergen and bacteria free cleaning in each fiber with utmost freshness and hygiene.

Turbodry technology

The turbo dry technology is usually found in a semi-automatic top loaded washing machines by Whirlpool. This technology is reliable to extract the excessive amount of moisture so that your clothes can dry faster as compared to the other technologies. You can get perfectly dried clothes in just 15 minutes after the wash. This technology serves best for people who are always in a hurry and have no time for household pieces of stuff. You no longer need to take account of your clothes after you keep them for sun drying. The turbo technology makes sure to give you fresh and dry clothes in absolutely no time.

6th sense soft move technology

The Sixth Sense soft move technology is the most advanced technology. It automatically senses the load inside the machine and adjusts the speed of the rotation of the drum. This ensures appropriate movements so that the friction can be minimized and the washing performing is maximized. The Sixth Sense software technology is powered by six modes to deliver a flawless performance for all types of fabrics.

These modes can be classified as:
Power shower for synthetics,
Color bath for light and dark colors
Energic wash for cotton or whites
Slow-motion for delicates
Wave motion for shade 15, and soft cradle for woolen fabric.

These specific modes lock up the uprightness of the particular fabric even after 100 washes. The technology is built-in with a heater, which ensures stain-free results for each type of fabric. It guides the technology to provide the utmost cleaning at every stage, with a gradual increase in the temperature accordingly. This technology is ideal for fully automatic front load machines.

3D scrub technology

This technology makes certain that you witness more exceptional wash performance even if you load the machine with a substantial amount of clothes. The technology is equipped with spring 3D scrub pads, which ensures a gentle and smooth rotation of the clothes in a repetitive motion. The pads move in an up and down direction, removing all the sturdy dirt from your clothes and keeping them unsmudged.

The 3D wash system allows the water to circulate in the drum at 360° motion to ensure the detergent to penetrate deeply into each fabric of the clothes in order to provide deep cleaning to the garments. The combination of Advance 360 Bloomwash Pro Plus Action and IntelliDD Motor technology makes the washing smooth by reduced vibrations and noise.

6 Motion direct drive technology

Whirlpool offers you a combination of 6 actions of washing with its latest 6 motion direct drive technology. This latest technology in mechanical senses the type of fabric that is to be washed, adjusting the level of dirt by changing the motions accordingly. The 6 motions can be classified as filtration, scrub, rolling, swing, stepping, and tumbling in the front-load automatic washing machines. As for top load machines, the 6 motions can be classified as wave force, agitation, rotating, rubbing, compression, and swing. This technology is powered by intelligent sensors that are ideal for providing a cleaner and smoother washing experience.

Inverter control technology

The washing machines which are built with the inverter control technology are optimally equipped with a specialized technique. It allows you to preserve a considerable amount of power while your washing machine is on the run. However, in the absence of inverter technology, the washing machine runs at a definite speed despite the load inside the washing machine. This states that the washing machines are needed to consume the equivalent amount of power, irrespective of the pressure is low or high.

However, in the case of small loads, washing can optimally take place at a slow speed, saving your electricity. The inverter control technology runs the motor as per the exact requirements of the load; the sensors indicate the weight on the machine. They consume only and precisely the required amount of electricity. Hence, we can conclude that this technology consumes less power than other conventional techniques.

ZPF technology

The fully automatic top load Whirlpool washing machines are packed with ZPF technology. It enables your washing tub to fill 50% faster even if the pressure of waterfalls. This technique allows your clothes to turn out even cleaner and fresher. The technology makes sure that the drum is filled with an optimum amount of water even at the low pressure. The washing machines which are powered by ZPF technology have the potential to adapt to the programming so that the wash quality can be improved. This technology makes sure that your washing experience gets quicker and more convenient than ever.

Dynamix technology

This technology allows a very minimal amount of detergent residue even if the water pressure is low than required. This technology makes sure that all the tiny particles of the detergent are adequately mixed so that there is no residue left on the clothes. It guarantees that the detergent has dissolved its every particle entirely with the water, thereby ensuring a cleaner performance.

Tumble care Technology

The tumble care technology is usually found in top load automatic washing machines, but Whirlpool has tried to experiment with this technology in the front load machines too. Packed with advanced sensors, the tumble care technology allows a 360° motion and senses the laundry conditions accordingly. It ensures gentle and thorough cleaning of the laundry as it is equipped with multiple tumbles. However, Pentawash is a bit lower version of tumble wash, which is brought into existence for semi-automatic washing machines. This tech is packed with five variations of vanes to deliver a flawless performance in terms of cleaning.

3D lint filter technology

This technology provides a three-layered filter to refine out all the tiny particles in the air so that you only wear lint-free and soft clothes, free from all sorts of dirt. Also, the 3D turbo impeller eases out the wash with a 3D effect and is reliable for semi-automatic washing machines.

Super soak technology

This technology is one of the most specialized techniques which is manufactured in order to saturate the laundry with better precision. It helps to remove the smudges gently by soaking clothes in bubbles in just a click of a button. As the bubbles are soft, this technology guarantees you not to provide any damage to your delicate fabric clothes. The super soak technology ensures the removal of sturdy grimes by activating the rubbing motion and persistent soaking.

Hard water treatment technology

One of the most prevalent issues in India is the problem of hard water. Hard water not only affects health, but it also causes precarious results to the washer; therefore, it had subtly become difficult for the detergent to make in the hard water entirely. Moreover, the layers of residues compile around the pipe and the tub, resulting in clogging. Therefore, to get through this problem of hard water, Whirlpool has come up with the hard water treatment technology in its latest models of washing machines. The technology has an in-built aqua filter that cracks up the particles of the detergent finally into the water. Hence, the flow of water is feasible due to the generation of small crystals. This technology shields the exposure of the accumulation of detergent residues and thereby prevents the wrecking of the machine parts.

Auto dispenser technology

While relying upon your washing machine to wash your clothes for you, one of the most mighty decision is to choose the right amount of detergent that is required to clean a particular amount of clothes at once. Whirlpool comes with the auto dispenser technology to avoid the downgrading of the washing performance with less or more amount of detergent. It decides the appropriate intake of the cleanser to determine the quantity of the detergent that is required to clean a particular load of clothes at once.


Whirlpool launches an utterly new series of washing machines every year, provided with some exceptional and unique technologies. It is one of the most sought after washing machine brands in the world.

If you are looking for a washing machine to fulfill the requirements for your small family, it is smarter for you to invest your valuable money in the Whirlpool White Magic Premier 6.5. It has an exact capacity of holding a load up to 6.5 kg. The machine is absolutely durable and convenient to use, and it delivers a flawless and quick washing performance. Since the engine is manufactured while keeping in mind the needs of a small family, this washing machine comes at a completely budget-friendly price that is affordable to the masses.

On the other hand, for a fully automatic top load washing machine White Magic can be your smarter choice. It provides you with the utmost convenience in terms of laundry cleaning. With the storage capacity of 7 kg, this washing machine is suitable for a family of 5 members approx. This washing machine comes with some exceptional features such as
The power wash method,
Fuzzy Logic Technology,
Water reuse, and digital display, which can totally be relied on.

The Fuzzy logic technology indicates the water level inside the drum. All the other features of this washing machine are all set to surpass your expectations in terms of performance.

Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra 6.5 kg is one of the most budget-friendly products when it comes to promising laundry cleaning. The washing machine is equipped with an inbuilt heater. It warms up the water to 60° in order to remove all the allergens profoundly. The wash quality provided by this washing machine is absolutely satisfactory as far as the price of the product is concerned.


Nowadays, washing machines are no longer considered as a product for luxury; they have become a part of necessity instead. An ideal washing machine has become a requisite in every household. Likewise, people tend to automate and advance their electrical appliances as the level of their income increases, and the prominent companies have also taken this as a burden of responsibility on their shoulders. Hence, we can witness numerous brands coming up with innovative technologies every year with their products. Whirlpool launches a series of innovative technology with its newly launched products to provide the user with more convenience and comfort than ever. However, you can wisely choose the washing machine on the basis of the technologies that it is packed with, keeping in mind your needs and preferences in terms of laundry-cleaning.

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