Haier is a multinational company that currently operates in Qingdao, China. It provides a wide range of electric appliances to consumers, which includes Tele-Vision, Smartphones, Air-conditioner and many more. It has expanded its business in all parts of the world. Its production facility is in Indonesia and the Philippines. It also has its business operation in the US, India, Pakistan and many more others.

Haier makes a product from top to bottom without taking fewer components and technology from the outside world. Haier collaborated with Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to implement AI (Augmented Reality) in home appliances, which will make them effective and yet efficient.

Haier was founded by Zhang Ruimin on 16th December 1984 with an idea in mind to make better electronic products for their customers while aside also thinking about future technology. It also owns various companies such as Candy, Fisher, and Paykel, G.E Electronics are some few to name.

Haier started with the name Qingdao Refrigerator Co. It has more than 70,000 employees from all across the world and generated 32 Billion dollars last year. Its net worth is $159 Billion.

Technologies Used

Self-Clean Inverter Technology

When we turn on our AC, the AC fans take air from inside the room and it passed over the evaporator. The evaporator consists of a coil-shaped pipe in which low temperature and pressure refringent passes through, which can be either in the form of liquid or gas. Now when air touches it, the coil absorbs heats as the refringent present in it has heat absorbing material. So, the heat is absorbed from the evaporator and it becomes cooler, by then which AC gives us cool air.

Now using it overtime the evaporator wears out which attracts many germs and bacteria; thus, air quality also decreases. But in this fast pace of the world, not everyone has time to call an air-conditioner serviceman and it takes an almost 3-4hr to clean it. At first, the serviceman will open the outer lid of Air-Conditioner and then will put a new refringent and then clean it. This consumes a lot of time. It was also found that a low maintenance evaporator makes Air Conditioner cooling capacity by 20-25%.

So, to save time and efforts of customers plus also preventing them from bacteria or germs they made Self-Clean Inverter technology. With just one tap to the AC remote and voila the AC has been cleaned. It takes 10 to 15 minutes, but it is way lesser than wasting a whole day by calling the serviceman.

It is a patented technology of Haier. This is done by lowering the temperature of the refringent in it, then frosting it by 30% of condensed water and in end to remove the hard-stricken dirt on evaporator it then gives strong force cold expansion on it. We can see how Haier is efficiently to change the experience of people towards Air- Conditioners.

Just because giving a high-end technology doesn’t mean that the prices will go up. The prices of Air-Conditioners using this technology will cost between 30,000 INR to 60,000 INR. It shows how a company like Haier wants its product to be used by different lifestyle segments of people.

The model which supports it – Haier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split Air Conditioner (Copper, HSU-18NRG3A(DCINV).

Inverter Technology

Many times, it happens that whenever there are too frequent cuts in our house. Our Air-Conditioners get broken down or need a service. This is caused due to sudden incoming current which is generally of higher voltage which messes up the technical components of the Air-Conditioners, happening too much can bring serious damage to Air-Conditioners.

Inverter technology is made for this. In this, an inverter is installed which checks and balances the current flowing in and out of the Air-conditioners. It then reduces or increases the speed of the compressor according to the amount of current flowing. Usually, a micro-controller is also installed to figure out the ambient air temperature and then self-adjust the speed of the compressor. The best advantage of it is that there is less operating noise of the Air-Conditioners which makes perfect for an old couple plus also there is less maintenance and repair cost, which saves your money and time at the same time.

Connecting with the phone as remote

As we see many things are now being connected through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cloud, why not our remotes should be connected to our smartphones. This technology has the most impactful impact on their people. It changed how we used the remote on the air-conditioners. There were many pieces of research behind this technology to provide a solution to the problem that can we control our Air-conditioner without using a remote.

After many tests and research, such technology was born. In this, a Wi-Fi adapter is being installed in the Air-conditioner. Now an app of the Haier is being installed in your smartphone device, which connects with the adapter present inside the Air-Conditioner. Now you can control it on the phone. So, no worries even if you can’t find your remote, you just have to make few taps on your smartphone and voila your Air-Conditioner is controlled hassle-free.

But what if you are outside your home, say in office and you want that when you enter your room after working that long enough your room should be cooled. This thought arrives in many because it takes 10-15 minutes to cool a room and everyone hates wasting time because no one has one. So, for it, cloud technology is being used your Air-Conditioner and your smartphone are connected to the cloud which turns on your Air-Conditioner before you stepped into the house. Now here Wi-Fi technology doesn’t usually work because Wi-Fi has just a range of 100 to 200 meters. But you must make sure that whenever you use cloud technology your both Air-Conditioner and smartphone should be connected to the internet. This is the only disadvantage of it otherwise it is amazing to have this technology.

De-Humid Technology

Humidity can be a turn-off for many people. It causes sweaty hands and many other body parts. Your body stinks with a great amount of odor as it is released to much sweat. Humidity is many found in rainy season and regions near the coastal area.

To fight this problem Air-Conditioners are now fitted with special dehumidifiers as when a moist and warm air enters the compressor from the fan blowing from inside it is then passed to cool temperature pipes. From there excess water and heat are being absorbed due to which the air becomes cooler and is thrown out from the second fan.

This is not the only feature of this technology because it also removes dirt and germs from the air too. There is an excess of dirt in moisture air because it gives germs an ideal environment to breed. This technology makes the room less stinker than it was, also removing excess moisture will lead to a person being less sweaty. This technology is very important to the company and consumers’ point of view.

Pollution Control Technology

With the pollution surrounding us, it can be difficult to breathe and live. Pollution levels are now crossing over 200-300 levels which is way hazardous for a person to live. And generally, people think that remaining indoors will protect them from pollution but that’s a very wrong mentality as told before inside air is warm which attracts many more dust particles from outside. So, technically your house has much more pollution level than outside.

Traditional Air-Conditioners have simple air filters which porous and can keep only a certain amount of dust particles away. For living in a city where meeting city smog, vehicle smoke, industrial smoke, and cigarette smoke is very common for a person, Air filters won’t do the job properly.

For this research and development team at Haier introduced a new type of filters to remove even the harshest dust particles, and they came up with HEPA which is an abbreviate of High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting (Or known as absorber). Now what makes it unique and quite appealing is that it has a high filtration rate which means it will filter the germs and dirt in the greater amount which air filter didn’t do. Even PM 2.5, PM 2 and PM10 hazardous particles are also being removed from here which are known to be the dangerous pollutants in the environment. These pollutants can cause many diseases such as – skin abnormalities, Cough and cold, hair loss and in some cases death too. HEPA filters can filter out 99.9% of air pollutants.

This technology can benefit the customer by saving his/her pocket. When pollution effects, we tend to buy Air-Purifiers which cost a heck a lot but implying that the same technology in Air-Conditioner surely is a win-win approach.

Two Way Air Swing Technology

To heal our tiredness with cold air is what we are craving for the very moment we return home. We turn on our Air-Conditioner and guess what it takes away a lot of time to cool down a room. This just kills our mood and now we are in a state of frustration and dismal. But with this piece of technology, you will never have the fear of long hours to cool down the room.

In the Two Air Way technology, there are 2 openings for letting cool air pass from the compressor. This is done to achieve maximum coolness at minimum time and effort. In this creative way of technology to pump more air from the Air-Conditioners, extra fans and evaporators are installed to achieve it efficiently yet effectively. This results in heavy Air-Conditioners such as 2 to 2.5 tons. These are also ideal when you have a large family or you live in the joint where there are too many members and everyone craves that cool air to touch their soul, this technology is a great savior at those particular situations.

But do mind that whenever buying a heavy ton air-Conditioner ranging from 2 to 3.5 ton you need to have proper wiring system installed in your house cause a weak wiring system could not hold the amount of electricity it takes up to turn on and the weak wiring wears out easily which can start an electric fire in the home. Also, make sure that your electricity doesn’t fluctuate too much.


We can see how the Air-Conditioners have evolved that from just cooling in back old days to controlling the pollution level of the room it has seen many variations. The technology used in these Air-Conditioners has surprised at every turn. A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) introduced to it changes the scenario more. This will change the whole game as not only your air-Conditioners will cool but will also make an ambient for the room by adjusting the temperature. It will also detect the moods of people and then maintain the temperature like that.

The only problem Air-Conditioners have that they emit CFC’s which is chlorofluorocarbon which is ozone (ozone is a layer around the planet earth, it helps us by preventing the harmful Ultra-Violet rays coming to the earth) depletion substance. If it depletes it then harmful Ultra-Violet rays will enter the earth and cause skin diseases and even cancer to humans. Plus, heat given out by the Air-Conditioner increases the green-house effect which increases the temperature down the earth. This is the reason why summers were not having a scorching heat in your grandparents ‘ days. Therefore, summer becomes hotter and hotter year after year. To curb this problem scientists and researchers are working very hard to make it minimize from the Air-Conditioners, plus in the incoming years Air-Conditioners will eat less electricity. But always remember that we do not use technology. We live in Technology.

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Outdoor unit is shaking still it running
Outdoor unit is shaking still it running
3 years ago

Outdoor is very shake when it is working all haier inverter acs.it’s problem

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