Latest Washing Machine Technologies & Features

From semi-automatic to fully automatic technologies, washing machines have now equipped a forever corner of all most all households around the globe. To have a peek at its history, this cloth washer technology that came during the 18th century served as a helping hand for reducing manual labor for all devoid of gender. At present all most all companies have completely automatic machines, accompanied by amazing functions and properties. To date, washing machine technologies keep on undergoing several upgradations in designs, functions, and user-customized. So here’s a detailed list of top washing machines technologies and their fascinating benefits.

Key technologies used in Washing Machines

Most of the top brands of washing machines come up with several key technologies and features, making our life easier. From small and elegant surface treatments to detailed and customized fabric cleaning, washing machine designs seeks both durability and elegance of usage. Some of the key technologies of top branded washing machines, with their work process and beneficial factors, are mentioned here. Because of an ocean of opportunities available, it becomes difficult to choose a customized product that can channel your needs.

LG’s 6D Motion DD Technology

LG’s new invention of 6D motion DD technology works by providing an optimized motion combination for each and every fabric material in its own way. These are front load washing machines with fully automatic technology. The 6 different motions include Tumble, Stepping, Scrubbing, Swing, Rolling, and Filtration. The washing machine performs with minimal noise and minimal vibration as its motor is directly connected to its drum. This is highly beneficial for users, for elegant performance and a noise-free environment. It gives fabrics proper and customized care along with germ-free technology.

The greatest advantage of LG’s motion DD technology is that users can opt for a program built-in the machine. The machine will customize your wash depending on the quality and care of the fabric to be washed. Everything goes smart now, even your washing machines. LG has for you the SmartThinQ NFC, which helps you to customize your wash circles on your phone with different types of clothes. For any errors or problems, just download SmartThinQ NFC and connect it to diagnose your errors and methods to solve it. The hazard of catching up with a technician is easily solved here. The steam technology where the water can heat up to 60degree Celsius helps in removing hard stain allergens from clothes taking gentle care of it.

LG’s Twin Wash Technology

LG’s twin wash technology works with two separate drums for washing clothes. The huge drum with a second pedestal washer at the bottom lies independently adding elegance to the design. It gives you the option to wash 2 loads of different sets of laundries at a time. With a top loader and a bottom loader, the machine serves for multipurpose. The top washer is for larger and sturdier clothing like your jeans or high fabrics, while the bottom washer serves for light lingerie and sports wears. Both drums wash fabric accordingly and keeps the clothes stain-free and germ free.

The centum system available in the machine helps to minimize vibration and noise up to 66Db, giving you a noise-free technology. One of the greatest advantages of LGs twin wash is its Auto dosing machine which automatically determines stain and supply detergents accordingly. The user can also tweak settings for various fabrics for most of the cycles, suiting your preferences.

LG‘s Inverter Technology

Most of the latest washing machines have inverter technology among which LG has a detailed and quality feature. This technology enables you to save the consummation of power. It works by detecting the load on the washing machine using the sensors. It reduces the consumption of electricity, by analyzing the load in the machine and categorizing the average speed.

LG’s Direct Drive Technology

LG’s Direct Drive models are more silent and durable compared to belt-driven washing machines. In this mechanism, the motor is directly connected to the drum of the machine. This helps in reducing the vibrations and unnecessary noises since the motor and drum acts as a single one-handed unit. This helps users to reduce their energy consummation and have noise-free surroundings.

Samsung’s Silver Nano Technology

Samsung’s silver Nanotechnology which works with a fascinating diamond drum technology keeps your clothes ever shining and fresh. It reduces bacteria and fungus in an effective way with its Silver Nanotechnology. The Silver Nanotechnology works by emitting silver ions during the wash cycle by melting silver ceramic crystals present on the pulsates. During the wash and rime cycle, the permeation of silver ions takes place with the fabric. It provides complete bacterial protection with this permeation of silver ions.

It removes bacteria and fungi even in cold water to 99.99%. The silver ions kill the growth of saprophytes which emits fatty acids that leads to unpleasant odors. Therefore, this technology of Samsung promises to keep the fabric fresh and fine for a longer period. Sweat would not decompose emitting a foul odor. Samsung’s washing machine is that its washing cycle is a bit longer compared to that of LG.

Whirlpool’s Soft Move Technology

Whirlpool’s 6th sense soft move technology, with its perfect movements and speed adaptation senses the load in the drum. It adapts the speed of the drum rotation to create a perfect and balanced movement of the clothes. This way, it minimises the friction and increases the washing experience. The soft move technology takes care of individual fabric and its needs with its user adaptive programmes. The 6 washing modes include:

  1. Energic wash for cottons and whites
  2. Power wash for synthetics
  3. Colour bath for light colours and dark coloured clothes
  4. Wave motion
  5. Slow motion for light fabrics
  6. Soft cradle for wools

The slow and gentle movements of the drum with steam in it prevent the formation of hard wrinkles setting in the cloth. Therefore, making it smooth and soft. Though Whirlpool is famous for its functions and technology, the degree of cleaning is a bit less compared to other top brands.

Whirlpool’s 3D Scrub technology

Whirlpools efficient 3D scrub technology is specifically designed for deep cleaning on tough and hard stains. The machines have in build spring-loaded 3D scrub pads. These scrub pads gently rotate the clothes. It ensures that the deepest dirt is removed effectively from the clothes with the continuous up and down motion of the laundry. It has a 3D turbo impeller with a rotatory stem that serves the scrub to rotate in triple motion removing the dirt effectively.

Bosch’s Vario Drum Technology

The eminent German brand Bosch promises to provide solid build quality and high rotational speed in washing machines with their variodrum technology. This ethnic design has two flips. One side is designed as a flatter for cleaning the fine textiles. While the other side is designed in a steeper manner for fighting hard stains and grimes from the clothes. The working is simple, as the drum spins in one direction, the flat side of the attached paddle cleans up the loaded clothes. When it spins on the other side, the steep sides of the paddle engage in deep cleaning with the effective use of its wave droplet design.

It benefits the users in providing a complementing wash along with reducing the soaking time with the latest vario drum technology. It is tough on stains and gentle on your clothes. To make your clothes fresh with a pleasant smell, Bosch machines are equipped with an advanced water flow technique that makes sure, each fabric is in contact with the soap and water. It is both a time-saver in a fairly low budget. The vario perfect technology consumes around 20% less energy and the wash cycles are almost 65% faster in speed with the perfect technology.

IFB’s Aqua Energie Technology

The latest IFB washing machines have in them the hard water treatment technology to make your wash smooth and hazard-free. This is a must technology for the present scenario where getting soft water is not everyone’s piece of cake in the polluted world. Hard water makes your clothes rough and hard to handle. IFB washers now are designed with the new Aqua energie technology which effectively converts hard water to soft water.

These models usually have an Aqua filter inside them. It works by breaking down the bicarbonates in hard water to tiny crystals. These minute crystals, so small in size easily flushed out with the flow of water. The crystals and minerals which make the hard water are extracted using a magnet inside the Aqua filter. It helps the user in having a good washing time with fresh and stainless clothes. As it suits almost all fabric, it is beneficial for users to wash even light and gentle fabrics with care.

Turbo Wash Technology

Almost all the latest brands of washing machines now come with a fascinating Turbo wash technology. This technology helps in the deep cleaning of clothes in a faster and smoother way. The machines come with an atomizing rime spray with twin nozzles above the door. It sprays concentrated detergent solution powerfully on the clothes which help in faster penetration of water particles. During the high spin speed, the water particles move faster and rinse the clothes faster and effectively.

Smart Inverter Technology

This revolutionary technology in washing machines helps in reducing the consumption of energy usage. The inverter washing machine allows machines to run at an optimum load speed depending upon the load in it. One never has the same load every day, this inverter allows the motor to function at a speed that is optimal for the load inside. This is beneficial for the user as it saves energy and has very little noise and vibration.

Steam Cure Technology

With steam cure advanced technology in washing machines, it is now easier to remove the dirt from stained clothes in a smoother way. It uses the steam vapor which rises from the bottom of the drum to remove the dirt particles. This steam is customized according to the wash cycles. The steam vapor distributed softens the dirt and makes it easier to remove the stains helping in the better wash. It also helps in reducing the creasing of clothes.

Aqua Wash Technology

Washing a new or favorite cloth in the machine still remains the scariest dream, as it may damage the pattern and fabric of your favorite piece. The new Aqua wash technology has specially designed drum patterns that give your clothes a gentle wash, with a mild wave-like drum action.  This way the movement of clothes is smoother and slower inside the drum. It also has specially designed paddles in order to support an effective movement.


The Near Field Communication technology allows the user to download new washing machine programs. This is LG’s new digital technology which serves the user in bringing close communication with their machines with a single touch on their phones. Users can download several programs like baby care, wool, synthetic wash, etc.

Turbo Drum

The perfect technology for an untangled and fresh wash. The drum rotates in the dual-direction ensuring smoother care and a perfect wash. It gives your clothes a fresh and longer life, as the smooth drum wash makes your clothes less vulnerable to tears and wears.

Inverter Heat Pump Drying

For low power consumption and a low-temperature drying ensuring delicate and smoother care for your clothes, the inverter heat pump drying technology is the best option. It provides all the most fascinating features in a lower energy mode saving your money and energy.

Eco Bubble Technology

On a huge laundry say, save power and energy using the eco bubble technology for your washing machine. The bubbles in this activate detergents easily and remove dirt effortlessly even in cold water. So now you can easily wash your huge loads at a very low temperature, thus consuming less power.

Ceramic Heater Technology

Almost all the latest washing machines have an inbuilt heater serving the users effectively. But there exist several heaters too. The ceramic heater technology is more durable and less energy efficient compared to calcium heaters. This ceramic heater technology heats up a large space and also has a very less effect on hard water.

Intense Wash Function

To remove the hard and stubborn stains of coffee, turmeric, or blood the intense wash function of washing machines is there at your help. Water penetrates deep into the fabric and the technology pre-mixes detergent in an effective and quicker pace helping incomplete removal of stains and dirt.

Add Wash Technology

Have you forgotten to add those hidden clothes to the washing machine and the wash has already started? The new add wash technology of washing machines now lets you add those extra bunch into the machine even when the washing has started. This technology safely allows you to pop in your hands into the machine for a hand washed cloth to rinse.

Magic Filter

Keep your clothes spotlessly clean with the magic filter technology. Along with cleaning the deepest spots it also protects your machines drainage from clogging with the dirt particles and residues of stains of clothes. it flushes out the dust and lint particles, keeping the clothes clean and spotless.

Drum Lamp

We often miss out on tiny clothes inside the dark drums of our washing machines. But IFB ‘s new drum lamp technology now comes with a bright light, which is waterproof and safe inside the drums. Now users get better visibility inside their drums even in the darkest days.

Cradle Wash

Your silk, chiffon and satin laces need gentle and smooth care like baby. Keep your favourite fabric fresh and damage free using the cradle wash technology. The drum rotates in an opposite direction with soft paddles allowing proper and a smoother wash with complete care for light fabrics.

Touch Control Panel

Most of all washing machines comes with a top touch control panel. With stylish designs and featured one touch buttons, touch control panels provide an easy access for users for different washes and other features. Touch control panels comes with a covered shield in order to have a safe access when wet. It customizes your washing experience by remembering your last programme.

Pet Hair Removal

Now no need to get a pet removal filter for your washing machine, to remove those furs from your clothes while washing. IFB’s new pet hair removal technology with a three-cycle program of spin and dry filters out the fur effectively from the clothes without damaging it. The soft brush attachment vacuums out the pet hair and keeps the clothes clean. It is accompanied by a hot wash process in order to get rid of the hidden allergens or germs from the fur.

3D Wash System

The 3D wash technology in washing machines helps in delivering a clean and clear wash. Detergents penetrate deep into the clothes effectively removing the stains and while rinsing, the technology helps in allowing the water to penetrate deep into the clothes in order to remove the detergents from the nook and corner of fabrics. By extracting tiny particles of detergents it leaves the clothes fresh and stain-free from detergent marks.

Crescent Moon Drum

To prevent the wears and tears of your favorite fabrics, washing machines come with a soft crescent moon groove. This silky texture on the drum surface creates a water cushion and protects your fabrics from any kind of damage. Now it’s easy for you to wash your favorite saree or shirt as the crescent moon drum technology protects it from all tears.

Hotmatic Technology

With the new hotmatic technology get your clothes an ultimate and excellent washing experience, with effective removal of all stains. Its Intelli sensor and an advanced microprocessor, every fabric gets a customized touch of care and wash. By analyzing the data and controlling the temperature according to the fabric inside it, the wash experience differs depending on the clothes.

ZPF Technology

The latest Zero Fill Technology of Whirlpool is specially designed for the very basic needs of the users. The common problem during a wash is at times the low pressure of water, leading to unclean clothes or failure of wash. The new ZPF technology ensures that even when the water pressure is low, the washtub is filled with almost 50% of water. It protects both your machine and your clothes from damage.

Hexa Bloom Impeller

To get an extreme cleaning effect with very little or no fabric scraping, the latest washing machines are designed with a Hexa bloom impeller. It washes clothes in 360degree blooming wash motion, with the use of 6 vanes ensuring proper rubbing of clothes with each other. This effectively cleans the clothes along with giving it a soft touch.

Intelligent Variable Technology System

The intelligent variable technology as the name sounds analyses the amount of dirt in your laundry and customizes the wash accordingly. From slight dirty to super dirty clothes, this technology measures the degree of dirt and engages in an effective, yet smoother wash to remove the dirt and fresh laundry.

Child Lock Technology

In order to protect your naughty little anxious toddler, new washing machines have specially designed child-lock technology. Once then child lock mode is on, then none of the buttons work when pressed and is sterilized. This helps you from the damage your little one does and enjoy your laundry day.

Heavy Soil

Removing those heavy soils patches and dirt from your kid’s uniform or clothes is really a pain. It leaves residues in your washing machine creating clogging. But the latest heavy soil technology removes the soil effectively with a single touch. The soil is completely removed by an aggressive wash, but the smooth drum keeps it gentle and smooth too. The magic filter technology in washing machines helps in unclogging the dirt.

Bloom Wash Action

Now leave everything to your washing machine with Whirlpool’s advance bloom wash action technology. The 6th sense of this feature analyses the loads in the machine and therefore adapts the water level and washing action according to the weight and fabric, giving extreme gentle care to the fabric.

Intelli DD

For a silent and peaceful laundry day, Whirlpool washing machines have specially designed an Intelli DD motor inside the machine which cuts back the pulley and motor sounds. This motor technology ensures a fast washing performance with fairly less vibration and a smooth wash.

Smart Sensor Technology

Most often the voltage fluctuation in our households disturbs the washing process and resets the mode, which consumes your time, power, and damages clothes. The smart sensor technology in the latest washing machine is of great help when it comes to this. It identifies low water pressure and low voltage condition and works accordingly. Rather than resetting the wash, the smart sensors help in resuming the wash automatically from where it stopped, lessening your burden.

Eco Silence Drive

This smart technology in Bosch’s washing machine ensures a friction-free, less noisy wash experience all day long. With an assured low power consumption mode, this technology ensures an effective and high cleaning experience protecting your clothes from any wears and tears.

Anti-tangle Technology

Bosch’s new anti-tangle washing machines help you ease out a major headache of your laundry day, tangling of clothes. in just a single button press, your clothes are washed in an effective manner with zero tangles. This helps you to save your expensive clothes from any damages.

Active Oxygen Programme

This active technology removes a fair amount of germs and allergens from your clothes even in cold water. The oxygen molecules are produced automatically inside the machine. Once the wash cycle is initiated an anti-oxygen fog starts penetrating into your clothes, without any added chemicals. A cold-active oxygen fog removes the germs from your clothes at the very end of the cycle, leaving your clothes to germ-free.


Washing machines and their technologies never stop upgrading. Each year top brands come up with fascinating technologies like efficient dryers and even portable washing machines which might be common in the future. Technology is thus lending its hands our rescue from the hap hazards of a busy life. It is obvious that as the function and quality of the product increase along with it the budget and expense also increases. But comparing features, it is worth spending a handful for such technologies which makes our life smoother and easier amidst the hustle and bustle of life. Think twice and choose wisely.

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Its Outlet
24 days ago

One of the greatest advantages of LGs twin wash is its Auto dosing machine which automatically determines stain and supply detergents accordingly.