About Us

Electronic Junction aims to give information on advancements in technologies used in appliances.

We keep an eye on the updates and improvements on the appliances’ niche.

My Story

As a software engineer myself, I embed software technology in appliances like washing machines or refrigerators.

How do I keep track of the lastest and upcoming advancements in appliance technologies?

I have been part of the teams working with companies like LG and Samsung to create software applications for new launches.

Though the teams are not told(privacy reasons) for which company they are making the particular software, but being in the industry for 4 years, we can know that this software will be a part of a new appliance.

My aim is to provide genuine information but only after the product is launched.

I do not sell any product neither do I promote for anyone else. Sharing everything in my knowledge about certain appliances is the true motive of this website.

I Feel Blessed

My friends in the industry help me keep updated on the latest technologies and I in return get my readers’ every information they need.

At last, I hope my articles are of some worth to you to consider before buying any particular appliance.

Stay tuned!

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